Big Pizza Love

“It’s pizza night!”

Any Friday.

Even every Friday.

My boys never tire of those words.

A bowl of popcorn, a favorite movie, and a few square feet of mozzarella magic, and it’s going to be a great evening.

No question about it.

In a family of four boys, food is currency, and pizza is the gold standard.  As the long bones lengthen and the voices grow deeper, the double batch makes way for the quadruple batch, and leftovers in the fridge are like money in the bank.

Of course, eventually, someone gets his license, or a girlfriend (or both), and suddenly an evening at home no longer registers on the social Dow Jones.  But pizza night goes on for whoever happens to be home or whoever is visiting, and the leftovers pay dividends forward with:  cold pizza after a basketball practice and a heart-to-heart talk about unfair coaches; cold pizza after a shift at McDonald’s and a late-night discussion about where to buy the diamond; re-heated pizza for a carload of friends who “aren’t hungry” – until they realize how very welcome they are.

Food can become a metaphor for abundance . . .


I’m pondering abundance and the glorious truth of God’s inexhaustible love over at (in)courage today.   Click here to join me, and while you’re there be sure to sign up for free daily encouragement right in your inbox from the writers of (in)courage.


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33 thoughts on “Big Pizza Love”

  1. I read this at (in)courage yesterday and loved every word. I am amazed by what a beautiful writer you are. You should write more like this in between your book reviews. Thank you for sharing such a good message and one that I can relate to as a mother to sons.


    1. Thank you, Mary, for your encouraging words — and I am trying right now to scale back on the number of book reviews I do, posting a little less frequently most weeks, and staying open to this kind of writing.


  2. This post of yours touched my heart today, Michele. Loved the picture of you all gathering over pizza and the truth of that Scripture is so incredible, isn’t it? This too I recognize from my own walk: “If I set my boundaries small and safe, I’m leaving room only for my own love — narrow and choosy, shallow and tentative.”

    Oh how I struggle with this…thankful He keeps pressing into my controlling fleshly nature, daring me to release what I’m holding onto and trying to orchestrate in fear. Why would I want to hold on, when releasing it all allows His long, wide, deep and high Love in…and all fear to flee?

    I’ve recently layed something down in trust and your post here is such a strong comforting and reassuring embrace in this step of faith. Thank you for being a vessel for our Savior’s Love. Wonderful that has guest posted this to reach a wider audience. God has given you a beautiful gift that will continue to bless many.


    1. Anna, somehow this beautiful and encouraging comment had gotten lost, and I’m reading it now with so much gratitude. What a mercy when God uses the words of a sister to confirm a movement toward righteousness. Thanks for sharing your act of trust, and may you find that it paves the way for a greater knowledge of the love of God in all its dimensions!

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  3. Michele, I receive (in)courage to my inbox every morning and just read your blog post there…love, love! One of the biggest lessons God has taught me is that He is enough, and I think it is a huge lesson in faith to intentiionally pass this on to our children. Visit me at Fresh Market Friday link-up!


    1. Yes, this is a hard lesson — both to live and to pass on. I’m thankful for God’s intervention in our lives, even through little things like family time – and pizza.


  4. what a great description of hospitality michele:) knowing you are wanted. it’s almost like the food is incidental:) enjoyed this post!


  5. Michele, I so get your post. My stepson LOVES pizza. He and his friends knew the pizza delivery guys by name. Pizza was there bonding element. Maybe it was the cheese 🙂


  6. I love the things that bring my people together….and pizza and movies always fit the bill here 🙂 It is great to see God work through us in even the simplest ways by connecting us to one another. Great piece at (in)courage!


  7. We have an all day team meeting with work tomorrow and the only guy on our team has decided we’re having pizza for lunch! I will think of your post as we eat!

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  8. Michele, I hopped on over and left a comment on (in)courage! Love, love, love this! You are such a gifted writer and so filled with love and encouragement! So thankful our paths have crossed! Thanks for coming alongside me at Moments of Hope!


  9. Hi Michele, I love the analogy. Keeping one’s heart open to love more is a scary thing.. It used to be easy but being hurt kind of quenches that a little (a lot – sigh) . Great post, still working on opening my heart wide again 🙂 Thanks for linking up and adding my bloghop button. You are a blessing
    God bless


  10. Smart boys! I think I could live on pizza too! Not necessarily high on the nutrition scale but oh, it makes me happy! Always enough! I love your analogy. God’s great big love to meet every need in abundance. Beautiful, Michele!


  11. Pizza night is every other Friday night here. It’s a night I look forward to and enjoy a lot. I’m thankful for this tradition we started years go because it is just one of the many ways we love spending time with each other. Thank you for linking up with Thankful Thursdays.

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