Sunday Scripture ~ Genesis 1:1

The New City Catechism asks, “Who is God?” and then provides an answer based on the very first verse behind the leather cover of your Bible:

“God is the Creator of everyone and everything.”

Whether you are personally in the business of creating by threading a needle or making music on a keyboard or by stringing together sentences on another kind of keyboard, your urge and ability to create come from your Creator.

From the time when Adam took up residence in Eden with no instruction manual other than God’s permission to “master it,” humanity has been unwrapping God’s gifts and glorifying Him as co-creators, even if some fail, in this life, to acknowledge His role in it all.

This Sunday, let’s delight in God’s creation and in His gift of creativity,



14 thoughts on “Sunday Scripture ~ Genesis 1:1”

  1. It wasn’t until I was an adult reading a book to my children about God that I realized our creativity is part of being made in His image. I used to think people were creative or they were not. Some people in the arts call themselves “creatives.” But then I realized, as you said, that God gives us all some measure of creativity, and it manifests itself differently in everyone – not just in artsy ways. One lady I used to do missionary bulletin boards in church with used to say, “I’m not creative – just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.” Yet she came up with all kinds of solutions on the fly when our laid-out plans didn’t work quite like we thought they would. It was so fun to notice the various aspects of creativity in friends and draw from them.


    1. Madeleine L’Engle wrote a lot about our creativity being a partnership with God, and this inspired me SO much when my kids were all tiny and there was just no time in my life for anything I deemed to be “creative.” Of course, now I see in retrospect that birthday parties and crazy sandwiches that looked like troll faces were my way of co-creating with God even in a season when there was “no time for creativity.”


      1. I couldn’t agree more and am so grateful the Lord blessed us with creativity abilities – of all kinds.
        Thank you for sharing!


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