Sunday Scripture ~ Psalm 24:1

The last rays of sunshine slant their filtered light through the trees, while dragonflies and toddlers chase each other on a summer evening.  A backyard circle of lawn chairs holds the body of Christ, gathered around Truth that transcends seasons.  Before we break out the watermelon and set the fire pit ablaze, our pastor rises and reads:

“The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof,
The world and those who dwell therein . . .”

There’s more, of course, to Psalm 24 – weighty words about a righteousness that is not my own opening the way to God; a call to mindfulness that God is on His way, that He’s always in the wings.

But on an evening still warm enough to sit in a lawn chair
and just cool enough to need my favorite navy blue sweater, verse one was enough.

The Earth is His, and the fullness of it is an overflowing grace gift.  These people are His, dear and ever dearer, as they sing “Shout to the Lawd” and love Him in quiet, practical, long-haul ways.

He’s here.
He’s everywhere.
The Earth overflows, but in the gathering of His people, the speaking of His Truth-Words, the fullness seems a little fuller.

This Sunday, let’s gather around HIM in thanksgiving,

6 thoughts on “Sunday Scripture ~ Psalm 24:1”

  1. Pastor taught that the ‘Lord’ in our Bibles comes from ‘Adonai’ which actually means: “You own it all” in Hebrew. The earth belongs to its Owner! Yes! Let us shout it out! If we do not, even the stones will shout. Holy! Holy! Holy! Glory to God in the highest!


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