Leadership Qualities Your Son Needs

Leadership Qualities Your Son Needs for Today–and Forever!

Today, I’m writing for The Joyful Life blog in my role as their Boy Mum contributor, but I want to stress that this post on developing leadership qualities in our children is relevant to ALL mums!

As mothers, we sit in the seat of influence with our sons.  How we respond to their initiative, their creativity, and the all pervasive boy-energy in our home goes a long way in defining our sons’ confidence. How we talk to and about their dad teaches them about the role of men in the home.  It’s also important that mums expect and train for obedience and then address disciplinary issues, so their son will learn from the beginning that he must listen to and respect women. 

When we give our sons age-appropriate responsibility and then expect them to follow through on their duties, we teach them accountability and perseverance. Whether your son’s personality leans more toward the “naturally gift leader” profile or they’re more the type to lead out of necessity; whether they marry and lead a godly home or remain single and become a workplace or community influencer; whether their skill set is more oriented toward driving a nail into a board than sitting on a governing board, our fallen and chaotic world, our churches, and our families need men and boys who are godly and biblical leaders. 

Drawing on the Nehemiah’s surprising career, I’m sharing three vital leadership qualities that set him apart and then applying them to the task of training our children to be leaders. I’d love it if you’d read the post, share it with other mums you know, and then add your own thoughts in the comments about training our kids for leadership. Thanks for clicking on over to the Joyful Life Magazine site

Our fallen and chaotic world, our churches, and our families need men and boys who are godly and biblical leaders.

Cheering you on in your mothering!


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29 thoughts on “Leadership Qualities Your Son Needs for Today–and Forever!”

  1. This is so true, Michele, “When we give our sons age-appropriate responsibility and then expect them to follow through on their duties, we teach them accountability and perseverance.” Our sons have grown into fine young men with a good work ethic because of living this way.
    ~Lisa, Let’s Have Coffee #17


  2. A wonderful and thoughtful post. As mothers, we have so much influence in large and small ways, with our sons….and even with daughters! Thank you for linking up and I hope you are having a good summer.


  3. Boys are special in a very different way than girls. Not every parent is a leader We can only pass on the skills we have ourselves – and that is good enough! Jeshie2


  4. Oh yes, teaching our sons appropriate levels of responsibility and obligation is definitely one of the most difficult parenting tasks! We must lead by example as well as with how we encourage, correct, praise, and discipline. Great post!



  5. I was reading your comments about the reasons to teach obedience and responsibility. She is the mum of a 19-month-old boy and sometimes it’s challenging to be consistent. I think it always helps when we understand why it’s so important.


  6. That was a blessing – and one that I am sharing with a few moms I know!! How many times have I thought, or said, “are you sure…..” when someone appreciated my children! Moms know (or at least see multiple sides of a coin), don’t we??:)


  7. Our 26 year old son today asked me on the phone why I never told him how a car, house, wife and a child on the way eats up all his salary.Thanks for linking with #pocolo


  8. It’s not easy having little ones in this day and age, but it’s great to have some godly examples to help raise wonderful children.

    Your link this week at ‘My Corner of the World’ is appreciated!


  9. This is a great read Michele. It’s amazing how much little ones (girls and boys) take in from just observing in the home. We definitely want the future to be full of kindness and patience. Thank you for sharing your words over on #mischiefandmemories


  10. Raising two boys and not having grown up with any brothers or even male cousins I am always keen to take advice on how to be the best mother I can to them. Thanks #MischiefAndMemories


  11. My daughter is much more of the leader in our family! I want my children to all be confident without being arrogant, in their own decisions and their relationships with others. Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories


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