Gratitude: Look at the Loss and then Give Thanks

Thirty years ago, I married into a family that celebrated Thanksgiving Day with All-American fervor, featuring a day-long gathering and a loaded table. As the new bride, I was eager to prove that I had what it took to be the holiday hostess. Having done my research, I had planned all the best sides, multiple-choice… Continue reading Gratitude: Look at the Loss and then Give Thanks


Michele would love to share Truth at your next women’s event. She delights in reporting on the lessons in grace that God is leading her through with the goal of equipping women to move forward in knowing God by staying close to His Word. You can expect biblically-based material presented with practical application (and a… Continue reading Speaking

Just One Thing: Reforming

In a meandering, three-way conversation with far-away friends, we began to ponder the term:  just exactly what does it mean to be “reformed”?  Without thinking, certainly with no editorial or theological censors in place, I said, “I would, actually, rather say that I’m reforming!”  After that conversation, the statement lingered in memory and wafted its way into… Continue reading Just One Thing: Reforming