Truth for the Heart

Found in Him by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick:  A Book Review Caution:  This book contains theology.  However, as you are reading, you will be so caught up with the practical impact of the incarnation and the believer’s union with Christ that you may not be aware of the weight of the truth you are absorbing.  Throughout all ten chapters of this book, God-exalting truth is tied to real-life examples, and it may change the way you read Scripture from now on,  because “the Bible isn’t primarily a rulebook, nor is it a self-help manual; it’s not about how we become better people so that we an earn blessings by working hard.  It’s all about Jesus, God made man, his life, death and resurrection.” Merry Incarnation!  Every time we sing a Christmas carol we celebrate the God-man, “veiled in flesh.”  Part One of Found in Him traces that miracle throughout Jesus’ earthly life, citing His qualifications to be Savior of the world, exploring the self-emptying sacrifice of His life and death, and celebrating the victorious resurrection — “deathless life.” Part Two goes on to consider the benefits of Christ’s work with the goal of highlighting that His presence and power in a life and “being ‘in’ Him changes everything about you and how you live your life.”  Union or oneness with Christ is a major theme in the writings of Paul (33 mentions in his letters), and the benefits deserve the capital letters Elyse uses to set them off:  redemption, death to sin, eternal life, freedom from condemnation and the law of sin and death, and the immeasurable love of God.  She explores the metaphors of temple (building), bride, and adoption to lend richness to our understanding of what it means to be one with God in Christ. Of special value in this volume are the appendices which include a selection of historical creeds, Elyse’s personal testimony, Jesus’ prayer in John 17, and a succinct table which shows the ways in which Jesus’ union with the believer through His incarnation brings specific blessings. Found in Him is an excellent study resource, while at the same time a thoughtful gift for Easter or Christmas. Disclosure:  I received this book from Crossway in exchange for an honest review.

1 thought on “Truth for the Heart”

  1. This will have to go on my very long list of books I want to read! Elyse is an excellent author. Her book Give them Grace was a huge encouragement for living the gospel to my kids.


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