Christmas Eve on the Hill

Not in the curl of smoke from cozy fire;
Not in the fir trees, cloaked in snowy white;
Nor chickadees in formal dark attire;
Not in the wintry stars’ pinpricks of light;

Neither in the window candles, spilling
Their golden rays across the powdered ground;
Nor in the crimson berries’ vivid contrast
To holly’s green may Christmas Eve be found,

If not seen first with angel-startled shepherds
Through eyes and ears awakened by God-Light
To baby squalls and cattle stench alongside
The Truth of poured-out deity tonight.

Since we here on this quiet, country hill
Stand to our knees in fresh Bethlehem straw,
Soon all will be redeemed by His appearing —
Creation waits and holds its breath in awe.

Merry Christmas!

May your celebration of Christmas be
enhanced by truth,
enjoyed with beloved friends and family,
and enlivened by your anticipation of another advent
in which all creation will be redeemed.





16 thoughts on “Christmas Eve on the Hill”

  1. The rhyming of straw and awe. Sweet surprise. You have had some quiet time to ponder. I’m glad😊 Thanks for sharing your gift with those of us recovering from Merry mayhem!


  2. Spending this New Year’s Eve reading blogs. Wild, I know! This is beautiful. Your choice of words to describe what we can only imagine on that starry night. Happy New Year. Thanks for linking this week on Tuesday Talk.


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