Musings – June 2016

He walked into the bank, obviously carrying a heavy load, and wearing a proud smile.

“I can help you over here,” I chirped in my newly fluent teller-ese, and the white plastic bucket landed with a thud on the counter.  He had personally counted and rolled over five thousand pennies and was bringing his loot into the bank for more convenient currency — but he was also there to share his story.

“My dad collected pennies,” he began, and he came back to this fact several times throughout the duration of the transaction, and it eventually became clear to me that the $52.50 he received from the vault had very little to do with his reasons for coming to the bank on that Thursday morning.

When the rolled pennies had been loaded into their metal trays for storage, he looked at the high-rise with . . .  and I searched for a descriptive word, and found this one:  respect.  In his eyes, they represented more than a collection of tiny one-cent coins. They were a link to his dad; they were evidence of his perseverance; they were worthy of his time.

And this is the gift I am receiving through my new job.  The customers that I would be tempted to look down on, to “despise” in the sense of biblical lingo, are the ones who make me smile.  I am learning to respect small things like pennies and the cozy home I’ve taken for granted.  As I drive to work each morning, the hay fields lay flat and shorn, praying their scent to the morning sun.  Admiring the giant round bales, placed like sporadic punctuation on a page, I think:

“I can’t believe I get to live here.”

It’s the same old house, same old road that I’ve driven for the past twenty-two years, but leaving it each day to go to work has lead to a new appreciation for all that I have been given.

After one month of employment, I can finally say that my “terror level” has come down from red and settled into a manageable Level Orange.  What feeds this, of course, is the knowledge that there are at least ten thousand routine banking questions for which I do not have answers.  However, now that I’m thinking like a banker everyday, I can report these entries to the blessings side of the balance sheet for the month of June:

  • patient and competent employees who have trained and assisted me;
  • evidences of common grace that feel God-sent — such as the cedar wax wings that visit the flowering crab apple trees outside the office window;
  • sons who are learning to wash dishes without being asked and a husband who is doing a lot more picking up than ever before;
  • a daily commute that is short enough to be manageable, but long enough to review Romans 8 twice if I stay on task.
  • the garden is in full-flourish-mode.  Soon we will be picking lettuce!
  • the on-line book club that I’ve been leading for the women in my church has kept me accountable with my reading.

Father’s Day at our place was a tremendous weekend with lots of family and continual activity — although I sat out for kick ball after breaking my toe in the Memorial Day game.  The patient husband said the best gift he received was the gathering.  He’s a keeper, and his Father’s Day Card from me was a blog post.

The most-read selection at Living Our Days for the month of June was Veering into the Serene Providence — with last month’s Musings post (surprisingly) taking the number two spot.  The most read book review featured September Vaudrey’s Colors of Goodbye.

With my schedule so vastly altered, I will be limiting myself to one book review per week for the month of July, but will also be sharing some thoughts on family, Scripture, and life here on our country hill in a second weekly post.

What are you musing about as June comes to a close?

Is your summer going according to plan?  Or do you prefer to wing it?

I have been encouraged and strengthened by your words this month, especially those who have asked how the new job is going and have even said that you are praying for me.  Amazing gift!  If I can be praying for you, be sure to let me know in the comments below.


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46 thoughts on “Musings – June 2016”

  1. Had a quiet moment and got a chance to read for a second. Praying for you as you work haven’t had a chance to tell you that this summer but have been thinking of you.

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  2. Your musings made me smile. To appreciate the beauty of the little things many often take for granted. How I needed to read this on this Thursday morning. Great news on your job and how well you’re adjusting to being back at work.


  3. Michele, so glad your job is going well! When I was in college, I was a teller for a bit and very much enjoyed my interaction with those who came to my window. Grateful for your encouragement to look for the blessings along the way this summer.


  4. Michele hope you are still enjoying that new job. I think it would be a great ministry to do what you are doing. When I celebrated my birthday this month I went to the bank and gave the tellers candy but I also took flowers to the woman who helped me work thru the bank affairs when my Mom died. I’ll never forget how kind she was. I know God has you there for a reason and a season. Hugs.


  5. Hey Michele … thanks for sharing your new job with us … and some of the learnings and blessings it’s bringing you! You seem so able to balance all life’s opportunities and demands with grace and calm.

    I’m admiring you from afar!



  6. I enjoy these monthly musing so much! I feel like I know you a little better each time I read one! How nice to see your husband and sons help more at home. I have seen my husband do so much in these years when we have both been working full time! That is about to change somewhat for me. I’ll be retiring July 21, sort of. My husband says I’ll just be doing a lot of the same without getting paid! LOL But seriously, I will continue doing what I do as a volunteer (biblical family counseling), but a lot less of it. So as your life is changing in one way, mine is changing in another. God’s changing seasons are so exciting! Have a blessed 4th!


  7. Michele, I’m glad you’re enjoying your new job. I loved the story of the pennies; my husband and son both collect and roll pennies. Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

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  8. I enjoyed reading about your new job and all of God’s graces through it all. I can imagine the adjustment is huge. My summer is HOT with no central AC. This means several hours a day with my feet up, from about 3-5 each day. I’m trying to use the time well and look at it as a treat! Enforced writing or rest time!


    1. Your “enforced” rest sounds like the days when my kids were small and I tried to rest when they rested. So glad to hear that you are doing the sensible thing! Thanks for inviting me into your rest hour!


  9. Such glory you bring to our Heavenly Father by sharing the many blessings and insights you have gained since starting your job.

    And not only that, you have blessed your readers, myself included, to share in those blessings. 🙂

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  10. I enjoyed reading through your musings and how you are settling into your job. It’s a gift to realize the blessings you have right where you live in the ordinary days. I haven’t written a post about what I did in June, but maybe it will come. Blessings to you, Michele!


    1. I know that if you write it, I’ll enjoy reading about your June. I’m sure that you will understand me when I say that this business of being away from my boys all day has been a huge adjustment. Thankful for grace to do what needs doing.

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      1. Yes, I understand just what you mean, Michele. I’ll try to remember to pray for you as you are separated from them during the day. Blessings!

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  11. Obviously, you are in a new season of life. New seasons aren’t always easy—at least for me they haven’t been, but because of your grateful attitude, I’m sure you will adjust quickly and beautifully.

    As for me, as July begins, I’m remembering that this time last year, I was wedding planning. My daughter got married last October, and it was a very emotional time for me, as I agonized over the inevitable changing of our relationship. Alas, I ought not to have worried. The bond between is strong. Although my (wonderful) son-in-law is now in the picture, my daughter has more than enough love to give to both of us.

    Thanks for popping by my blog and reading my post about letting go of adult children.

    Patti @ Embracing Home


    1. Patti, thanks for sharing your story. I remember agonizing over my oldest son’s wedding. Like you, I’ve found that not only did I not “lose” him, but I our relationship has been enriched in so many ways. We seem to have many things in common.


  12. I really enjoy your musings. You always have such great real-life analogies to share and I love your blessings! I am hoping to begin counting mine on the blog again soon.

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  13. Lovely as always. Thank you for the glimpse into your job. I am glad you have a new perspective about home as a result. What a blessing. I love that you shared some other musings too. Sons are a beautiful gift and can learn new things when you set them free to spread their wings a little. I know you read my Dear June post so you know what was happening in my life in June. Blessings, hope and learning as always from God. Hugs my friend!


  14. So glad your’e down to level orange!! I love how the Lord is with you and blessing you through this new job- and then blessing us as you share about it! I learn so much from your little musings, Michele. What a great perspective and great God you describe here. Thank you and blessings!


  15. I’m so thankful that your new job is going well and the Lord is opening your eyes to new beauty! Thanks for sharing this at the Booknificent Thursday link-up on this week!


  16. Michele,
    I can imagine the encouragement that man felt as you listened to his story. And I can only imagine the many that are being blessed by your work at the bank! I’m so glad your terror level is only at an orange now! Ha! I’ll be praying it quickly moves to the green 🙂

    You are a blessing, my friend! Thank you so much for helping me saturate Mondays with hope at #MomentsofHope!

    Blessings and smiles,


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