Let It Burn!

“You don’t need to fast,” she said.  “Your prayers are enough.”

But I did need to fast, because her situation sounded really bleak, and God was talking to my heart about it.


Bev was traveling alone in Uganda when she injured her knee hurrying across a busy street.  Swollen to nearly twice its size, the knee was painful.

But the itinerary called for travel to Congo.

The schedule called for long hours of teaching and counseling.

She shared her need for prayer through the medium that brought us together:  the internet.

Bev is a warrior (and a SheLovely) whose ministry allows her to see, firsthand, the burdens women bear, sometimes quite literally. During this most recent trip, Bev saw women of all ages and sizes carry bundles of up to 100 kilos or more on their backs. These bundles are secured by a rag, wrapped around their middle and then over the front of their forehead. The women bend forward to carry the weight, but there’s no posture that will lighten the load of  trauma. In the DRC, rape is often used as a weapon of war. Women are marked as damaged goods, husbands abandon them and this back-breaking labor barely finances what’s left of their lives.

Following this most recent trip to Africa, Bev returned to her home in Australia, hair aflame, excited to share the potential for ministry among women of Congo whose whole life trajectory could be altered by the ownership of a simple wheelbarrow or by the introduction of a micro-enterprise that will enable them to provide for themselves.

“I think I need to learn French,” Bev exclaims, “and I have found a couple of women who are connected to the interior decor industry.  They are looking to source products from women across the world.”

Urgency like this comes with the realization that God has given us the ability to solve problems and meet needs in our lifetime. Years ago, Bev stood beside a crib in a Ugandan hospital, looking with grief at one of the 177,000 children living with HIV.  She heard the Spirit say, “You can do something about this if you want to,” and Cherish Uganda was born, a ministry that provides a home, health care, and education for children infected with HIV/AIDS.

Today, she envisions a ministry to women and children of Congo called Scarlet Women – because of the blood and the shame.  She dreams of building a path out of the poverty and hopelessness that her eyes have seen.

What sets your hair aflame?  What challenges you to step outside your safe routines and known ways?

Do read on!  There’s much more at SheLoves Magazine . . .


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29 thoughts on “Let It Burn!”

  1. Great, inspiring post, Michele.

    I guess for me it’s the way dogs are mistreated, and often thrown away like trash. I won’t turn away a stray, which is why we don’t have a dining room (sleeping/feeding crates there) or a breakfast room (same reason) or a master bedroom (same…well, yeah). We balance trays of food on our knees to eat.

    But it’s worth it to see a sentient, loving creature whose life was too sad for the slightest hope begin to show life again.



    1. I love your compassionate heart, Andrew. George MacDonald said, “The eyes of a good dog do always behold the face of the Father.” He knew the same truth that sets your heart aflame!


  2. Michele, thanks for much for this beautiful post about my adventures in Africa. Your words are so encouraging to me and I constantly appreciate the love and faithful prayers you spend on me. Whoever gives a cup of water to a prophet receives the same reward… I am not foolish enough to think that anything could happen without the faithfulness of people who help to carry the weight.

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  3. Michele, very moving article. I went to Bev’s website and read about some of her projects. Thank you for sharing this.


  4. Let it burn. What sets my hair aflame…well, the combination of this blog and something else I heard today, set my whole being aflame. In short, a missionary interviewed many Christians in persecuted countries, and this was the main message he heard from them….”When I share the gospel of Jesus with others, I’m identifying with my persecuted family in Christ…..but……When I keep Jesus to myself, from my neighbors, my co-workers, from the people down the street, from the people across the seas, essentially any non believer….not only am I NOT identifying with my family of God in persecution…but I’m identifying with their persecutors who put them in chains. The worst persecution is keeping Jesus from others–because their persecution will be for eternity.” Nik Ripken

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  5. Michele,
    As you know…my hair is set aflame by God commissioning me to help bring the Good News of the Gospel to one of the darkest corners of the world…the Middle East. I am especially convicted to take care of the “orphans” as God’s words direct so that they too may grow in His love. I hope its okay it I post our website for Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc. We are a small, but mighty ministry and would welcome compassionate people to partner with us: http://redeemerchristianfoundation.org. Currently we need help making Christmas special for 50 needy children who, by the grace of those who donate, will receive the only gift they will get this Christmas as well as a hearty and nourishing meal and fellowship at the Christmas program. Great post Michele….another “Bev” with hair aflame 🙂


  6. I read this the other day and am blessed by your beautiful writing. I see such a passion in you to encourage and minister to others with your words. I love your wisdom and heart for God’s word and for showing us how to live a Godly life in the ordinary day to day. I am discovering what sets my hair aflame and it continues to evolve before me but it is not in the action stage yet. God is working in me and during this period of time He is teaching me to trust in Him and to share my dreams so He can continue to lead me to what’s next.

    I love coming here and reading your words. You never fail to share new insight with me.


    1. Mary, thank you for taking time to let me know that you have read and pondered here. I’m eager to hear about the unfolding of God’s plan for putting your fiery availability into action!


  7. This is a beautiful account, Michele. Thanks so much for sharing “Bev the warrior’s” story. What sets my hair aflame? Clairol Auburn #35! ha! No, really, I am on mission for marriages. I feel like I am something of a medic to the “Christian soldier” who lays wounded and unable to fight the good fight because his/her marriage is in shambles. That’s my mission, but I love hearing the stories about others who meet desperate needs across the globe–spreading Christ’s love! Thanks so much!


  8. Thanks for this inspiring post. I will add this ministry in my prayers. One thing I do in my prayers is name each and every organization or ministry that comes to memory. I find the need to be more specific in my prayers.


  9. Wow! Sounds like an amazing project and lady :). My hair is aflame for my students–I want to find practical ways to inspire them and help them through the trauma of being Native, poor and living without hope (they, too, experience rape and abuse).


  10. Thank you for sharing this post Michelle. Such an inspiring story of Christ’s love at work and the power of friendship. What sets my hair aflame is prayer! As Bev mentioned, Your prayers are enough”. I have seen God work in my life and those close to me through the power of prayer. I want to encourage Christians and remind them the lines of communication to God are always open and He wants to hear our prayers. He loves us unconditionally. Talking with God deepens our love for Him and allows our trust to bloom. May God strengthen and continue to richly bless you ladies in all your endeavors! Praying in Jesus name…


  11. There is so much going on around us if we would just open our eyes and hearts for the Lord to speak to us. Thank you for sharing this beauty with Thankful Thursdays.

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