A Post-Election Prayer

A Prayer for November 9th

By faith, we have gone behind the curtain.
We have made our voices heard, according to the temperature of our hearts —
Some with a raised fist;
Some with a wavering hope.

We have sifted the relative merits of two deeply flawed and difficult candidates.
We have heard the word “Never” said about the person who lost the election —
and about the person who won.
We have learned that only You are equipped to say that word with absolute certainty.
Thank you that the eye of the storm has passed, and we can now begin to put feet to those whispered prayers:  “Thy will be done.”

In the aftermath of this political hurricane, we ask for grace:
To be charitable;
To pray for the winner;
To honor the brother or sister who voted for our “Never” candidate;
To advance into the culture — knowing full well that politics is all “downstream”;
To trade litmus tests for conversations with real people;
To renounce our deep desire to say, “I told you so”;
To live in such a way that strong families, strong churches, strong communities, and strong faith will become our First Thing, giving us courage to stand for righteousness.

May our desire to be folded into the number of those nations who are called “blessed” impact the way we practice Mere Christianity, knowing that those who fear You, who hope in Your mercy, and who wait for You are those who will rejoice.

Let Your mercy, O Lord, be upon us,
Just as we hope in You.”   (Psalm 33:22)


This prayer was inspired by the stimulating and insightful conversation between World Magazine’s Warren Cole Smith and Rusty Reno, editor of First Things Magazine in the November 4, 2016 edition of the Listening In podcast.

I invite you to join  Deidra Riggs at her Prayers of the People Facebook page to unite in prayer for our nation in these days following November 8th.

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64 thoughts on “A Prayer for November 9th”

  1. I woke up around 3 am, which isn’t unusual. I tend to consider this a call to prayer time. Sometimes I know what to pray, sometimes I don’t so I just get quiet and praise Jesus leaving the prayer needed to the groans of the Holy Spirit that I do not understand.

    This time I prayed for mercy and I acknowledged that we don’t deserve it. But I respectfully pointed out that He is worthy, even if we aren’t, and if we had more time we might be able to step up.

    Here’s the response – If we are granted more time will we step up? No more compromise, no more complacency? No more back to same ole same ole? If we are given more time will we use it soberly and wisely?

    I had no good answer for that. If time is up – all I can say is hide in Christ – there is no other safe space.


    1. Amen. The answer to our country’s ills and to our distress over the candidates for this election is within our own hearts and our own failures to value righteousness over all else — even sleep? Hope you can catch a nap at some point today!


  2. Michele, I love your bio, and I deeply appreciated your wise words for the days after the election. I long for love to fill our nation. I believe Satan has been dividing us since perhaps the 1980s. Ephesians 6 comes to mind.


  3. Dear Michele, Through you, the Lord has answered my prayer this morning. I have been worried that after the election I would would not have enough love in my heart for others. I have prayed that the Lord, Jesus Himself, would fill me with His love and show me a way and give me a path. I think you have given me the first step. Of course, a prayer, I will pray and give thanks and Glory to God who is always so generous and good. Thank you dear woman and may God bless you and yours and indeed, the whole world. Let us pray, Nancy



    1. I am humbled by and so thankful for your response. We have so much to learn about prayer. One thing I am learning is that it seems to be the starting point for so many things that are good and right.


  4. Thank you, my friend! It is a good word. I find myself continuously trying to refocus today on the Lord and how He may allow this election to conclude. I think one thing seems clear is that it has (in the end) resulted in more Christians praying than oftentimes occurs and for that we can be grateful. Sadly, I also think that there are still too many of the body of Christ who are asleep not only regarding our own nation, but also about the events happening around the world that point to things we should be paying attention to. Will we be wise or foolish virgins? Will we know enough of His Word to stand for truth in the midst of shadows and darkness? Will we repent for too often for asking our first love for other pursuits? Yes, I pray for grace and also for mercy. So much appreciate you!

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  5. I love this verse: “Let Your mercy, O Lord, be upon us,
    Just as we hope in You.” (Psalm 33:22)

    I told Jennifer Lee just this (there is no better way to put it for me anyways):

    I feel like I know how to keep God’s peace, then settle for the kind man offers. I prayed He would help me today and boy did he ever. He has touched my heart in a fresh way and I am so thankful. I remember 1999 too, and the panic that struck hearts. I am seeing the difference between the truth and the lies little by little as I ask God to help me discern. I am just glad he is in charge and we are in His hands no matter what.

    This is the first election where I have literally felt a heart softening the day of, and peace that passes all understanding. I am so glad God is about the posture of our hearts, though we fail daily. I am thankful for you ladies, calm and steady in the Word. It helps me so much and I am learning and praying for the fruits of HIS spirit…not any other. God bless you, friend!


    1. So good to be reminded that peace is a fruit of the Spirit. Anything I try to manufacture on my own is, at best, a cheap substitute. So glad to hear of the working of God in your life in ways that surprised you!


  6. Michele, this has got to be one of the most meaningful prayers I’ve ever read for the day after an election. Thanks for the reminder to be praying for those who are disappointed and for those whose candidate won. Most of all, we need to pray for the candidate who wins.

    I’m so thankful that even though the candidates are flawed, God is not surprised, and He is in control. Thanks for this post!

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  7. One of my friends wrote something on Facebook that really stuck with me today. She said, “Jesus didn’t worry about Caesar, He worried about His people.” That’s where I am with this election. Yes, I voted, but my job isn’t to worry or fight, but to serve God and be His hands and feet. And you are so right, prayer is a great way to do that.


  8. I truly know that my vote really won’t count unless I put my prayers behind it–moving forward each day to keep it my commitment in the days to come, Michele. I’m shocked by the election results but not deterred from making God the one I truly follow and obey. Thanks for your stirring words to us all!

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  9. God knew the outcome of this election and He knows what we are facing because of it. I’m keeping my faith in Him. Thanks for sharing this prayer with Thankful Thursdays.

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  10. Amen. Your post encourages us to pray for the days and weeks ahead. I agree with Pam–more Christians have been praying for this election. Now we need to continue on our knees, pleading for people to come to Jesus in repentance and faith.

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  11. Michele – this is such a great prayer and I appreciate the reminder that our prayer is still very much needed, even more so after the election. Our words spoken to others, may not change the hearts of the people, but Jesus sure can! In fact, as we continue to pray, we can see God’s hand intervene. So honored to be your neighbor at #freshmarketfriday


  12. This is great, Michele. I’ve heard so many Christians expressing their frustrations…sometimes via hurtful and hateful words. I’ve been praying the sentiments in this prayer, and I’m going to pass it along to a few others in the hope that it will give words to what they are feeling. Thanks!


    1. Lately, at almost every meal, my good husband prays for those who are living in fear because of the outcome of the election. These are hard days. Thanks, Shannon, for expressing your desire for peaceful and open conversation here.


  13. Michele,
    Such a wise and love-filled prayer. So needed… so necessary now. The discussions around our table, and the prayers we breathe together have been with a longing for this grace we all need to know. God is good, always always good. Thankfully! May His Sovereign Will be completed in us and in our world.
    Thank you for this and for sharing it at #GraceMoments Link Up!


  14. Still relevant, indeed! I could pray this until the end of time over our country! Such beautiful words filled with grace and the power of the Almighty!


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