5 Books that Breathe Faith into the Cancer Journey

Those who shake their family tree may be pelted with details they’d rather not know. The blight I encountered in my particular grove was cancer—multiple varieties, hereditary strains. Suddenly I feel a deep kinship with the unending parade of friends and acquaintances who are hearing the word cancer breathed into the air of clinical spaces. I’m thankful that God has hand-picked a few writers who have suffered the effects of cancer to speak from their experience, for while it is true that no two cancer journeys are identical, it is also true that shared grief is lightened.

Cancer is this month’s theme for The Redbud Post. I’ve added my voice to the message that cancer does not have the final say by contributing a compilation of five book reviews from various perspectives on the topic. My hope is that this will be a resource to those who are learning the grace lessons of a day-to-day struggle with cancer.

Thanks for joining me over there to read the entire post, and if you know of someone who is walking that hard path, be sure to share this month’s Redbud Post with them so they can be encouraged by the stories of others who have walked the same road.


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20 thoughts on “5 Books that Breathe Faith into the Cancer Journey”

  1. Cancer. A word that nearly kept me from experiencing a true blessing. Mine is not as scary as some, and I’m so grateful for that. But no one wants to hear that word. It’s a cruel word. Still, Jesus can do such miraculous and beautiful things in the midst of cruel words. That’s my story on Suzie’s LFT link up today (#20). I’m so glad I stopped by to read yours! We have another Branch – which brings life to all who believe and hope to all who trust. He is a good Father! Amen!


    1. So glad to hear that someone will be helped. It seems to me that everyday I hear of another person being diagnosed, undergoing another round of treatment, or having a recurrence. What would we do if we thought this world was all there is?


  2. This word seems scary to me. My aunt suffering from tounge cancer and undergoes chemotherapy these days. She is really in a very painful situation. She really needs god’s blessings. Your post is very useful for me and for her. Thanks for sharing this


    1. I can’t even imagine what your aunt must be going through, and am so sorry that this has become part of your story. Thanks for reading, and I do hope you will find help and comfort through some of these authors’ experiences.


  3. This is hitting me personally today Michelle. A dear friend is undergoing a double mastectomy on Friday. These resources are life giving. Thank you!!


  4. Thank you so much for sharing these resources as so many of us in some way have ben touched by cancer. Much love and prayers to anyone suffering #mg


  5. Cancer just seems to be everywhere. It almost feels like there is no getting away with it. I lost my dad to a brain tumour and a very close family friend is currently battling cancer – although I fear it is a battle that sadly can’t be won. I think anyone who writes about their journey is so brave and so wonderful, to help others. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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    1. So sorry for your loss, and that you are walking through this dark time with a friend. Thanks for reading and for sharing some of your own story here. It does seem as if cancer is part of everyone’s narrative.


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