Merry Christmas from Living Our Days!

Merry Christmas 2018!

The Christmas cards we send are a tiny point of connection that happens once a year. As a reader at Living Our Days, you have given me that gift of connection repeatedly in 2018, every time you have met me here over my offering of words.

Thank you for all the many ways you have encouraged and blessed me (and one another) with your presence here. I’m convinced that some of the best writing in the blogging world happens in the comments section!

Things will be quiet here over the Christmas and New Years holidays. I’ll be popping in once on December 28 to share a guest post in honor of the infants and toddlers who were slaughtered by Herod in his jealous rage over the birth of Jesus, the newborn king. Red Letter Christians (a new site for me!) will be publishing my thoughts about the collision between life and death that is commemorated on Holy Innocents Day–a day on the liturgical calendar we’d prefer to overlook.  Otherwise, I’ll be stepping away from blogging until the first week of January.

I look forward to a new beginning in 2019!

Blessings and love to you!

Michele Morin

37 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2018!”

  1. Actually I’m up in tundra country this week with my sis as my Dad was suddenly beamed up to Glory this past Saturday. The service is today and I shall read an original eulogy if my cold-ridden throat allows me to get through the wordiness of little details that must be shared about this faithful and funny man… We part to arrive at our far flung homes on Christmas Eve. I will join the grands for their celebration, thankful that someone has prepared for the holiday! And glad in retrospect that I pulled out Christmas music and decorations in November this year for the first time! And got to enjoy the season a little before it careened sideways. Bless you for asking. Dad’s got a front row seat as Glory shines around! We’re scrambling to collect the fragments. God is good.


    1. Linda, you have had one very complicated year. It makes me so happy to hear you speak of your dad with such love and humor. And it’s great that all the observances will be put to rest in time for you to join family for Christmas Eve. I ‘ll be praying for weather and airlines and other details to cooperate to that end.
      Thanks for filling me in!


      1. 🤗 thank you Michele! It was absolutely amazing enroute, my sister coming from the east coast we both ended up on the same flight out of Seattle! And not just that, but side by side seats without having taken time to plan it in an otherwise quite full flight!


      2. Smiling huge over that one!
        (I have a sister in Alaska, so all this travel to the great white north resonates for me on every level. I have yet to make the journey, but I know it’s grueling.)
        Praying for the same kind of travel mercies on this return trip! Home by Christmas Eve!


  2. Have a blessed Christmas, Michele. I haven’t been able to keep up on reading blogs lately. Part of my time has been in getting two books published on KDP Print and then rereading to do another edit to eliminate as many even tiny errors as possible. I pray that the coming year will be filled with joy and all God’s blessings for you and your family.


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