God's faithfulness in the past assures me that no matter what I bring to him in the future, he is competent and present and more than willing to catch me.

Trusting God for a Secure Landing on Solid Ground

“Okay if I take the kids over to the playground?” I asked my daughter-in-law.
“They’d love it!” she answered with a smile, settling into her lawn chair with a good book, and so I grabbed two small hands, and, together, we walked the short distance to the swings and slides.

Almost-Five knew the ropes, but for Not-Quite-Two, this expanse of playground was Mount Everest and Niagara Falls.
Her response?
“Bring it on!”

“Come on down! Bam is READY to catch you!” I shouted from the bottom of the biggest twisty slide, and down she flew, her tiny bottom barely touching the slide’s surface. Catching her across the middle, I lowered her to the ground on both feet. Back to the rock climbing wall she toddled, the only accessible ascent for short toddler legs.

“Bam! READY?!?” she shouted from the top, every single time, never tiring of the routine, completely unphased by the monotony of repetition, as she retraced her steps like a migratory bird, always joyful in flight and ever sure of a safe landing.

Later that evening, our sun-soaked party moved to my oldest son’s house, home base for Not-Quite-Two. “Bam!” she called, and then a garbled toddler request and a half-dressed doll pushed in my direction.

Up to my elbows in dishwater, I glanced at my daughter-in-law for translation.
“Let me help you,” she said, taking the doll and quickly addressing the  wardrobe malfunction that prompted the distress call. Without skipping a beat, Not-Quite-Two moved on to another request, and nothing would do but that Bam should dry those soapy hands and respond.

A trust connection had been made at the bottom of a twisty slide.

Responding to the Faithfulness of God

Today, standing at the top of my own grown-up version of a  “twisty slide,” the descent looks steep and the landing uncertain. I’m grateful for the voice of God, reassuring me that he is “READY!” at the bottom. We’ve connected here before, and I recognize his voice. He is the “very present help,” waiting for me to trust his love.

Past experience with his faithfulness calls for a biblical response:

Therefore we will not fear,
Even though the earth be removed,
And though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
Though its waters roar and be troubled,
Though the mountains shake with its swelling. (Psalm 46:2,3)

His faithfulness in the past assures me that no matter what I bring to him in the future, he is competent and present and more than willing to catch me and to set both feet into a secure landing on solid ground.

What might God be saying to you today as you stand at the top of your “twisty slide?”
Are you willing to trust his love and faithfulness as you fly into his arms?


Photo by Ryan Sepulveda on Unsplash

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60 thoughts on “Trusting God for a Secure Landing on Solid Ground”

  1. What a beautiful illustration of God’s trustworthiness and connection with us.

    Right now I’m facing a busy fall. (Busy is not my favorite speed!) I’m working on getting things planned out, but I need to trust that God has it all under control. I need to check with Him and go for it!


    1. Oh, I don’t like the busy setting either, Rebecca! Let’s both trust for grace to let God slow us down and to give us strength and wisdom to accomplish exactly what he has on HIS list for us!


  2. I love life analogies to teach us more about our Heavenly Father!!!!
    & wait, you’re called Bam? – I LOVE THAT!!!!!


  3. Hello, being a grandparent is special. You are lucky to be able to spend time with your grandchildren at the playground. BTW, I like the name BAM too. You are blessed. Wishing you a great day and weekend ahead.


  4. Thank you for sharing your grandchildren stories with us. I enjoyed reading how your Not-Quite-Two enjoys doing things over and over. For a toddler, if one time is fun, 20 times must be hilarious! Having some reliable helping hands always waiting for us at the bottom of a twisty slide is reassuring, both for your granddaughter and for all of us.


  5. Michele, I am truly enjoying your writings. I appreciate the lessons you are providing. Thank you for linking up today and I hope to see you back again!


  6. You’re speaking my daily language today, friend. This intermingling of time with little ones and time allowing God to shape my heart through them is the chorus of my days! I love the parallels you draw here! My life feels small this summer. Where I was really pressing through a manuscript and working on freelancing last summer, this summer has been about getting little Aiden to sleep better and trying to be kind to the older two while I’m exhausted. And God is shaping my heart through this scaling back into narrow focus on motherhood. This week I’m trying to be brave enough to help Aiden learn to “cry it out.” Feels silly to even be writing that this is the challenge of the week, but it is humbling and good. Thanks for your continued encouragement for women on all stages of the journey!


    1. NOT silly at all.
      I still remember that feeling in the pit of my stomach. Five minutes of crying feels like five years. Praying that this will pass quickly and little Aiden will get the hang of civilized sleep patterns.


  7. Michele, I love the lessons our grandchildren are yet teaching us as we spend precious times with them. This is such a sweet post and moment!


  8. This is a lovely post, Michele! It brought back a memory of when I was a child and I wanted to go down the slide at our local swimming pool but I was scared. My dad said he would catch me but I still refused. Then later, when he was distracted by my brother I climbed the slide and did it. I’m not sure why – maybe I just wanted to prove I could do it by myself – but I need to remind myself not to do that with God!


  9. Such a good question! I was just thinking about fear this morning–fear of rejection, fear of not doing enough, fear that keeps me from making progress. The question I should be pondering is, “Do I trust God enough?”


  10. It is so hard to do when you are in the midst of the twisty slide but God always shows his faithfulness. He is good! #trafficjam


  11. I love how you see God in the everyday events of life, Michele! BAM! <— what an awesome name! Mine just call me "grandma." How boring! LOL

    Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!


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