By grace, we cultivate interior order as we follow the One who has set us free.

Following the One Who Has Set Us Free

Friends and family chuckle when they discover that my spice cupboard is alphabetized. Some are amused because it lines up with what they already know about my personality, others because the idea seems ludicrous to them. Nevertheless, for me, the minutes of hunting I save by consistently replacing the marjoram or the dill seed in their appointed spot is worth the tiny effort (and my friends’ eye-rolling amusement), and it serves as a metaphor for the interior order that my soul craves.

With pinging phones, kids’ schedules, and all the routines and requirements of the average day, it’s easy to feel like the guy from Mark 5 who greeted Jesus and his disciples when their boat bumped onto the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee. Driven by a “Legion” of voices, the man lived wild, but he was not free, and neither am I if there is no margin in my life for untangling the snarl of voices driving me from dawn to dark. There’s the voice of the Critic who spots the dust on the piano; the Whiner who notes that it’s been ages since I took a break (“Poor me!”); and the Bully who tells me to get busy and try harder if I ever expect to amount to anything in this life.

The internal chaos is deafening and confusing, but sorting through conflicting priorities does not require a daily exorcism. If you’re wondering what it does require, I’m sharing a few thoughts on interior order over at Lisa Murray’s place today. Her online presence is a place where individuals are encouraged to discover spiritual, emotional, and relational peace, and it’s an honor to add my voice to her choir of wisdom. Thanks for joining me there.

Inviting you to listen to your life,

Michele Morin

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Photo by Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash

44 thoughts on “Following the One Who Has Set Us Free”

  1. Beautiful wisdom here. I especially appreciate that last quote reminding me to trust God to complete the work He has begun in me. Thank you for always sharing from God’s Word. He speaks so beautifully to me through the Scriptures you share.

    Recently, I felt God ask me to get curious about my trauma triggers. This came in the wake of Him asking me to release someone into His hands. It’s then I saw that the waves of fear and shame come when I am placed into situations where I am only “acceptable” to people if I submit to lies, lies God has freed me from. I also saw that I am scared of rejection not just because I am scared of losing people’s love and acceptance but also because deep down in my heart I still equate others’ rejection of me as God’s rejection. So, this month my fridge is filled with new verses affirming me in my identity, belonging and purpose in Christ and Psalm 131:2 reminding me to lay myself and those I love into His hands, again and again. To not let fear rule my life, but to let God unfurl trust in me of Him in whom all Promises are yes and Amen!

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  2. I also alphabetized everything that is possible to alphabetized and believe that cleanliness is next to
    GODLINESS have no idea if that is true at all its the little things in life that we have a somewhat control
    over for all the other stuff I am learning to give it up to God. What ever he decides to send my way for the
    day that is what I do it makes everything possible with Him.Any blessing large or small I find myself
    sending a thank you to him out loud no matter what!! Love your posts we all have families and are all
    connected in some small way.

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  3. I actually posted about organising my spice cupboard not so long ago. I even created a list saved to my phone, so that I wouldn’t double up when shopping. However the rest of my life is A work in progress. Although getting there (one cupboard at a time).

    Great post. #thatfridaylinky

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  4. Michele, I have to say that I love that you alphabetize your spices! I do not and I get so frustrated searching in the cabinet for what I need! This is a lovely thought provoking post. You are right, we wrestle all day long with a million inner voices. Finding some order to it all is imperative. Thanks for sharing your ways and joining my link party.



  5. Oh I agree Michele, I’m all for organization & preparation to alleviate stress! Our lives are far too noisy in today’s world. But it’s so lovely to enter that stillness with Him! 😀


  6. That’s smart, I’d say, Michele–to alphabetize your spices. You seem like a very organized and practical person and that’s a very good thing! I’m heading over now to read the rest at Lisa’s place! Happy Veterans Day to you and yours!


  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one with alphabetized spice racks! It has taken me a long time to bring the rest of my life into some semblance of order to match my spice racks, but I’m a work in progress!


  8. I don’t do the cooking in our house. My hubby does and I am surprised that he doesn’t have the spice cupboard organized alphabetically. He does, however, know where everything is. If I ask him to find a spice or herb for me, he has it in hand within seconds. He is also a lot taller than me and can see into the cupboard better. Thanks for sharing on G&T this week!


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