Eat this Book!

Open Your Bible and Discover the Life-Changing Art of Spiritual Reading

If you want to live well and share wisdom with your children and your neighbors about how they can also live well, the Bible will chart a sound course.

If you are looking for inspiration or comfort or if you are preparing a speech, you will certainly want to lift some of the soaring phrases from the psalms or a stirring descriptive passage from Isaiah to adorn your thinking.

If you are curious about the future or have strong ideas about politics, you’ll find gasoline-words in the Bible to support your position and to throw on any conversation to keep the flames dancing high.

It’s clear that we can add the Bible to our rhetorical tool-belt and never once be singed by its fiery truth; however, this is not the reason the Word has been given.  In Eat This Book: A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading, Eugene Peterson has written a practical guide for those who want to approach Scripture in the manner suggested to the Apostle John in his Revelation:

The voice out of Heaven spoke to me again: “Go, take the book held open in the hand of the Angel astride sea and earth.” I went up to the Angel and said, “Give me the little book.” He said, “Take it, then eat it” .

(Revelation 10:8-9, The Message)

I’m taking a look at this classic book and sharing my thoughts over at The Redbud Post this month where the theme is biblical literacy. I hope you’ll join the conversation over there because how we read the Bible is just as important as that we read it. Eugene Peterson’s work never fails to inspire and challenge!

Holding you in the light,

Here’s the goal: Our reading of scripture and our living to become one offering and one way of being with God in this world.

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I’m busily preparing a parenting workshop for the Thrive Conference, and I’d love to share the content with YOU on September 25 at New Life Church in Biddeford, Maine.

Together, we’ll explore biblical principles that inform parenting along with action steps that flow from those principles. The emphasis is on heart attitudes and the parent/child relationship rather than parenting formulas or ‘good behavior.’

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26 thoughts on “Open Your Bible and Discover the Life-Changing Art of Spiritual Reading”

  1. Michele, the entire article is wonderful and there are so many thoughts I want to highlight. After reading the entire article, I asked myself, “What is the one thought I want to remember?” It was this >>> “As readers of Truth, we are called to take the Word into our being in a way that changes us.” May His Word change me every day, in every way so that I live to reflect Him. You brought to mind the words of this song:
    “Ancient words ever true
    Changing me, and changing you.
    We have come with open hearts
    Oh let the ancient words impart.”


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