Red Letters–Fiery Words

Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven . . . Matthew 5:12

Blessed are those who read Gospel conversations, divine pronouncements, and follow the trail of Truth back to the nature of God. "Greater than the Temple," "Lord of the Sabbath," His words revealed Divine Prerogatives and a set of priorities wholly out of step with the elite. No Mr.-Rogers-with-a-beard, Jesus used the sharp edge of sarcasm… Continue reading Red Letters–Fiery Words

Filling Empty Things

Pastor and author Kyle Idleman did an informal survey via social media with just one question. "Finish this sentence:  Jesus became real when . . ." The hundreds of responses he received, some general ("I had no one else to turn to.") and some specific ("My husband was killed in a car accident."), could be… Continue reading Filling Empty Things