Musings: September 2018

The God who says, "Do it again" every morning to the sun never tires of amazing His children, both big and small.

Tired metaphor though it be, the transformation from chubby caterpillar to seemingly inanimate chrysalis, and then to elegant and dainty flying monarch was new again to me in this late summer season of 2018, because it was new to my tiny grandson. "Leafy" had no idea that the milkweed he munched in a retired goldfish… Continue reading Musings: September 2018

The Importance of Becoming Curious at Mid-life and Beyond

Becoming Curious: God has equipped our souls for exploration.

Part of the delight of spending time with my tiny grandson is that he takes nothing for granted. Nothing. “Bam, why bubble pop?” “Because you stood on it.” “Why?” Well, good question.  Why, indeed, but our conversations routinely run on in this vein of relentless curiosity.  They move forward not because “Bam” comes up with… Continue reading The Importance of Becoming Curious at Mid-life and Beyond