Musings: Hello, 2019!

Musings: December 2018 God has crowned the year with His bountiful blessings.

At the beginning of a new year and the winding down of the old, I love to look back on where I've been. With a brand new coating of frosty white on the surface of my garden, it's hard to imagine that just three months ago I was harvesting cucumbers and green beans by the… Continue reading Musings: Hello, 2019!

Musings: March 2018

In this month of serial snow storms, it's been challenging to get into an Easter frame of mind. So often, resurrection is paired with images of new birth and sprouting things, but then, I was reminded amidst all the shoveling, blizzard warnings, and cancellations┬áthat resurrection springs forth out of death and THE resurrection was a… Continue reading Musings: March 2018

Love God. Embrace Truth. Enjoy Life.

Love God. Embrace Truth. Enjoy Life.

When Ginger Harrington and her family moved from North Carolina to California, she wasn't worried about packing or adjusting to a new home base. Rather, she was worried about surviving! Medical testing had revealed that she had Graves' disease, a hyperthyroid autoimmune disease and suddenly, all the roller coaster symptoms of anxiety and a body… Continue reading Love God. Embrace Truth. Enjoy Life.