The Crash and Burn of a God-Sized Dream

The Crash and Burn of a God-sized Dream

It all started as a strategy for outreach. We sat around a table and began to dream out loud, trusting that the fire of shared passion and the wisdom of group process would yield creative ideas for communicating the love of Christ to our community. I don’t mind confessing that I loved my dream. We… Continue reading The Crash and Burn of a God-Sized Dream

The “More” You Were Made For

The More You Were Made For

“Again!” he demanded with a giggle, his eyes sparkling with joy and anticipation. And so we did it. We read the book again . . . and again. My grandson doesn’t look for thrills in the new and different. He finds his greatest joy in more and more of what he knows and loves. The… Continue reading The “More” You Were Made For

No Bitterness in the Wait — Embracing the Aging Dream

Dreams with a long shelf life can light a spark in middle age, or . . . they can become the seedbed for bitterness and regret. Sarah (Old Testament wife of Abraham and matriarch of the Hebrews 11 “faith chapter”) knew well the taste of disappointment and frustrated dreams.

Most of the dreams that carried me forward and burned brightly in young adulthood lost their luster years ago. My twenty-something self would be mortified at the woman I’ve become. I can imagine her indignant voice, hand on hip, eyes wide: “What? No gym membership?” “How many kids did you say you have?” “What is… Continue reading No Bitterness in the Wait — Embracing the Aging Dream

Musings — April 2017

Returning from a family vacation (and a blogging break!), it's great to be rested and to have stored up some delightful memories with my patient husband, our two youngest sons, and with dear friends who love us so much and so well that they even welcomed our big slobbery dog!   On the Nightstand Not… Continue reading Musings — April 2017

Overcoming Fear with the Torch of Truth

The road out of Jericho was always well-traveled, but Bartimaeus could sense something different in the air.  Just as the angle of the hot sun on the back of his neck told him the time of day, the buzz of the crowd, the whispered excitement, and the press of bodies told him what his ruined… Continue reading Overcoming Fear with the Torch of Truth