The Power of God and the Partnership of Obedience

Resolve: The power of God is at work within my will, but it does not take the place of it.

Sometimes, afternoon lands heavy and hard. The morning caffeine has long expired, the daily do-list looms unfinished, and it’s clear that I’m going to run out of energy before I run out of day. That’s when the brownies on top of the fridge start crooning my name. The open carton of mint chocolate chip in… Continue reading The Power of God and the Partnership of Obedience

When You Don’t Know What to Pray

I’m a note-taker and a scribbler, so the pages of my favorite Bible are highlighted in yellow, underlined in pencil, and inscribed with various colors of pen, but my favorite and most meaningful markings are four sets of initials lightly penciled beside select verses.  These are my four sons’ initials, and they draw my eyes… Continue reading When You Don’t Know What to Pray