The Things We Most Desire

Welcome to Hope Harbor where the pace is slow, but news travels fast; where visitors arrive to relax and clear their mind of distractions and then come away with new perspective.  It's an unlikely destination for Eric Nash with his partner-track position at a high-end Portland law firm.  But when "a strategic repositioning" leaves him… Continue reading The Things We Most Desire

Author Interview: Irene Hannon

Readers are always fascinated by the people behind the books they love -- the authors who pull characters out of thin air, who create a world that draws us in and who then turn those characters loose to have adventures, solve mysteries, fall in love, and capture our hearts in the process.  Irene Hannon has spun… Continue reading Author Interview: Irene Hannon

More Truth than Fiction

With Buried Secrets, Irene Hannon begins another series filled with heart-stopping suspense and heart-warming romantic drama.  Lisa Grant, police chief in small-town Carson, has barely transitioned from her high-stress job as a Chicago police detective when a construction crew in the village uncovers a skeleton in a shallow grave.  The county sends Detective Mac McGregor to assist with… Continue reading More Truth than Fiction

The Creation of a Protagonist

Deceived by Irene Hannon:  A Book Review With Deceived there is no deception when it comes to Irene Hannon's portrayal of her main characters.  Kate Marshall, a young widow, still grieving the three-year-old sorrow of losing both her husband and son in a boating accident, glimpses a boy who looks and sounds remarkably like her son.  Her… Continue reading The Creation of a Protagonist