Love Them Into Being

For the past twenty-one years, my designated occupation on our tax forms and all official (and unofficial) documents has been "domestic diva."  Given the flashy title, my house should look a lot better than it does, but my fierce and steadfast focus within that job title has been to raise four young men to love… Continue reading Love Them Into Being

Finding Abundance in the Shadow of Death

A journey through cancer and a journey of joy would seem to be two very divergent paths -- particularly if the cancer is terminal and if it hits in the midst of a season of health and productivity.  However, Steve and Sharol Hayner have invited readers into their experience of Joy in the Journey  --… Continue reading Finding Abundance in the Shadow of Death

New Girl. New Song.

During their years of captivity, the people of Israel needed encouragement.  The prophet Zephaniah reminded them of God's presence in their midst, His power to save, and the fact that He rejoiced in His love for them, a joy that was expressed in song! "The Lord your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will… Continue reading New Girl. New Song.

The Great Eight!

My youngest son's best friend is an adopted orphan from Africa.  Their first "play date" was barely impacted by the language barrier, and they have been friends for so many years that they can just barely remember life without each other.  For this reason, Mike and Hayley Jones' story about their adoption of eight (yes,… Continue reading The Great Eight!