Think Well | Why Is It Important for Me to Persevere in Clear Thinking?

Think Well

What goals have you set for your spiritual formation this summer? Do you want to trust God's faithfulness more fully? Have you accumulated a pile of deeply challenging books to read? Maybe you've decided that you're sick and tired of feeling as if your prayer life needs work and are determined to focus on your… Continue reading Think Well | Why Is It Important for Me to Persevere in Clear Thinking?

How Can an Ordinary Citizen Begin to Practice a Radical Patriotism?

How Can an Ordinary Citizen Practice Radical Patriotism?

Sunday Scripture I have begun to consider listening to the morning news as a spiritual discipline, a small act of patriotism in which I put the good of our country above my own comfort or preferences. I've never been a political animal, but events of the past several years and a fleet of newly minted… Continue reading How Can an Ordinary Citizen Begin to Practice a Radical Patriotism?

What Obstacles Stand in the Way of Your Daily Endurance Test?

Daily Endurance Test

Sunday Scripture It's been so long since I administered a standardized test to a first grader that I had almost forgotten the most crucial skill being assessed is a little boy's ability to sit still for twenty to thirty minutes at a time while attending to academic material. Even with frequent and very stimulating breaks--butterfly… Continue reading What Obstacles Stand in the Way of Your Daily Endurance Test?

How to Find Your True Purpose in Life | Turn Your Face Toward God

How to Find Your True Purpose in Life

When I listen with just my ears, my heart can be ten thousand miles away. Just ask my grandchildren. They know the difference. "Bam, LOOK!" they demand until I turn my face toward the block structure, the moth in the jar, or the crayoned masterpiece. A woman on a mission, I need words tatooed on… Continue reading How to Find Your True Purpose in Life | Turn Your Face Toward God

The Challenge of Faith and Forgiveness in a Christian Family

"If the Lord thinks you need punishing, you can trust him to see to it. He knows where to find you. If he's showing you a little grace in the meantime, he probably won't mind if you enjoy it." Marilynne Robinson

I'm watching a miracle unfold in my family. Four sons, imperfectly parented, are growing into healthy, responsible, and strong young men. Two of them have even gone on to become imperfect parents themselves, and somehow, by grace, we just keep on forgiving one another for offenses, both big and small, with the understanding that family… Continue reading The Challenge of Faith and Forgiveness in a Christian Family

What Does it Mean to Be Relentless?

The relentless see. The relentless look at what is visible and, by faith, connect the dots all the way to Good News about a kingdom that is strong and unshakeable.

Sunday Scripture The taste of disillusionment is bitter, and few there are who have not experienced it at some point in life, for God often behaves in ways that puzzle us. His infrangible decrees leave us breathless and wondering, and while it's our default to view New Testament characters as cardboard cutouts, it's clear that… Continue reading What Does it Mean to Be Relentless?

Can I Walk by Faith if My Faith is Small?

God is not interested merely in what I do.  Motive is everything in the kingdom of God.

Sunday Scripture We don’t know who he was because he didn’t sign his name. Was it fear that drove him to anonymity in an age of persecution? Or was it humility? Whoever wrote the letter we now refer to as “Hebrews” certainly knew the Old Testament scriptures, and in chapter eleven he’s connecting the dots… Continue reading Can I Walk by Faith if My Faith is Small?

Prayer for a New Year

It's tempting, Lord, to put my faith in your gifts, rather than in you alone...

It's tempting, LORD, to put my faith in your gifts Rather than in you alone. Good health enables early rising, satisfying productivity; Strong legs:  a swift gait; Clarity of thought:  a coherent paragraph; An understanding friend:  the comfort of being known. I wonder though, Could I share the Story? Advance the Kingdom? Or even get… Continue reading Prayer for a New Year

How Parenting Exposes Our Need for Faith

Do I believe Jesus can rescue my children? Do I trust him to work redemptively in their hearts? I want to.

Whether we’re making meals, changing diapers, or shuttling kids to baseball practice, parents are doers. Always in protective mode, we apply sunscreen and Band-Aids as needed, and when we hit a wall with a need we can’t meet ourselves, we consult with the experts. Long before parents could ransack Google or WebMD for medical advice,… Continue reading How Parenting Exposes Our Need for Faith

Sunday Scripture ~ Proverbs 3:1, 2

"My son, do not forget my law, But let your heart keep my commands; For length of days and long life And peace they will add to you."   (Proverbs 3:1, 2) Obedience from the heart is the first evidence of belonging. We don't remember God's laws and keep his commandments in order to become God's… Continue reading Sunday Scripture ~ Proverbs 3:1, 2