The May Book Talk with Thoughts on Marriage, Perseverance, and 3 Books I Recommend

Marriage and Perseverance

Last Wednesday my good husband and I celebrated thirty-one years together. Would it be unromantic to say that a good marriage requires perseverance? Of course, it's pleasant work, and the rewards are great, but here are three small ways that I've noticed us persevering in our years together: Persevere in Believing We've come through some… Continue reading The May Book Talk with Thoughts on Marriage, Perseverance, and 3 Books I Recommend

Musings: March 2019

Hope in Christ is an anchor for the soul.

One thing so often leads to another, and, in retrospect, it takes a conscious effort to trace the trail of God's active participation in our lives. Here's a fresh example: In August of last year, I wrote a piece about praying for our teens because that's something I do. (A lot.) When Desiring God picked… Continue reading Musings: March 2019

Your Invitation to Embrace a New, True Life

Let go of your false self to uncover the person God created.

Soon, I will take up over-sized loppers with wooden handles that should have been oiled last fall, and, once late winter begins to move toward almost-spring, I will snip branches from our feral and fly-away forsythia bush. Bare branches in a sturdy vase will eventually give way to bright yellow blossoms--except for when they don't… Continue reading Your Invitation to Embrace a New, True Life

50 World Changers

50 Women Every Christian Should Know by Michelle DeRusha:  A Book Review The fifty women profiled in this feat of meticulous research were definitely world changers.  Covering over 900 years of Christian history, Michelle DeRusha has included the familiar names of recent history (Flannery O'Connor, Ruth Bell Graham); the less familiar names of previous centuries… Continue reading 50 World Changers