The Membership: Jayber Crow Discussion Group(4)

He shows up every Sunday morning with a big smile and a small canvas bag full of candy. Swarms of children greet his arrival with joy, but it's his warm handshake and sincere delight in their lives that keeps those relationships alive as the kids become teens and then move on to adulthood. She is… Continue reading The Membership: Jayber Crow Discussion Group(4)

Like the Sound of Many Waters — Jayber Crow Discussion (3)

As I write today, Houston is well into the long rebuilding that follows a hurricane and flooding, and Irma has raged through the Caribbean islands and through Florida, leaving a wake of destruction and death. In an odd sort of coincidence, those of us who are reading Jayber Crow according to the schedule have been… Continue reading Like the Sound of Many Waters — Jayber Crow Discussion (3)