3 Stories Completely Ended: Jayber Crow Discussion Group (2)

My faith unraveled at a Christian college. I know that’s not the way it’s supposed to happen, and I can remember wishing that a hostile, atheistic professor had bludgeoned me into my doubts with brilliantly irrefutable arguments. It would make for a much better story. Instead, the truth is I just got numb. The constant barrage… Continue reading 3 Stories Completely Ended: Jayber Crow Discussion Group (2)

The Paradox of Flourishing

One of the great joys of middle age has been the privilege of watching my oldest son and his wife parent a son who is made in the exact image and likeness of his energetic, curious, strong-willed dad.  Like all new parents, they are executing this balance of firmness and warmth, freedom and structure, love… Continue reading The Paradox of Flourishing

Empowered Living

Empowered by His Presence by Kevin G. Harney:  A Book Review The question that drives Empowered by His Presence is this:  "Where can I receive strength as I seek to live another day?"  In this four-week study, Kevin Harney unpacks the stories of biblical characters and their responses to God's presence and power within the challenges… Continue reading Empowered Living