The February Book Talk Where Friends Come in from the Cold

Since the Lord in his infinite wisdom has ordained that, here in Mid-Coast Maine, snow and cold should always be followed immediately by rain and warm temperatures, it's unusual for the ground to be covered with white for weeks at a time. Here's what snow sounds like underfoot at zero degrees Fahrenheit, and my… Continue reading The February Book Talk Where Friends Come in from the Cold

Correcting the Soundtrack in Your Head

Correcting the Soundtrack in Your Head, How to Fix a Broken Record, Amena Brown, Relationships, Be Yourself

After graduating from college, I moved to the biggest city in Maine for my first "real job," bringing with me a wardrobe fashioned around college life south of the Mason-Dixon. Clearly, my flimsy sandals would not fit my new life as a ministry professional. However, it soon became apparent that my feet were not going… Continue reading Correcting the Soundtrack in Your Head

Drawing Out a Handful of Light

Wounds Are Where Light Enters

Wendell Berry poured this wisdom into the mouth of one of his fictional characters: “Telling a story is like reaching into a granary full of wheat and drawing out a handful. There is always more to tell than can be told.”  (Jayber Crow) This is always the nature of story, and in Wounds Are Where… Continue reading Drawing Out a Handful of Light

The Beautiful Hidden Life

When I learned in fifth grade that Helen Keller had graduated from college summa cum laude, I made it my goal to do the same. As it happened, those little Latin words that mean "with the highest distinction" did actually end up being embossed on the white parchment of my degree, thereby setting me on a course… Continue reading The Beautiful Hidden Life

Remarkable Things Spoken

With a huge garden, an apple tree that produced two pies this fall, and a rainbow of full canning jars in my basement, it is quite possible that my life approximates Rachel Macy Stafford's day dreams in the Home Depot outdoor garden section. Or could it be that my brand of rural chaos demonstrates that her… Continue reading Remarkable Things Spoken