Names Matter

When we named our four boys, we were careful to discover and to ponder the meaning of the names we were considering before making a final choice.  Then, we looked at each newborn and asked ourselves if the name fit and if its meaning would be a blessing to him throughout his life.  Names matter.

In The Wonder of His Name, Nancy Leigh DeMoss has chosen thirty-two names from the list of over 350 names and titles that Scripture has related to Jesus Christ.  She has carefully explored their meaning, their scriptural and historical background, and, most importantly, their significance in revealing Jesus’ identity, his relationship to humanity, and his role in God’s redemptive plan.  Each devotional is accompanied by excerpts from hymns and inspirational quotations from a host of authors ranging from the church fathers through contemporary pastors and theologians.  Nancy Leigh completes each lesson with application questions to cement the biblical teaching.  For those interested in more in-depth study, each devotional has a corresponding message available online at

Content alone would place this thoroughly researched and skillfully written resource on my shelf as a helpful reference.  However, the calligraphy and sensitive water-color illustrations of Timothy Botts have elevated these thirty-two meditations to a place in the backpack with my Bible and study notes for times of thoughtful reflection.  The Wonder of His Name is a call to worship and a reminder that the only right response to the person and work of Jesus Christ is wonder.

This book was provided by Moody Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review.


3 thoughts on “Names Matter”

  1. This summer I will be teaching the “I AM’s” of Jesus in our church’s day camp ministry, so I was really excited to have been given this little boost (with four feet of snow on the ground) to get me thinking SUMMER ministry! So glad you stopped by!


  2. Ahh yes, Timothy Botts. I have a book of his watercolor work illustrating various Bible verses. Beautiful. Sounds like a terrific pairing of author and illustrator!

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