True Grace | Find the Power for Obedience and the Basis for Forgiveness

True Grace. Stand firm in it.

Sunday Scripture The word grace conjures images of unconditional love, forgiveness, and a free pass for whatever I bring to the table, and there's truth in this. However, in the closing words of his first letter, Peter has woven together two very different colors and textures of yarn: ...this is the true grace of God. Stand firm… Continue reading True Grace | Find the Power for Obedience and the Basis for Forgiveness

Are You Trying to Create God in Your Own Image?

Are you trying to create God in your own image?

Sunday Scripture We hear the disclaimers after every major tragedy: "God had nothing to do with this! A good God would never have allowed it to happen." Trying to let God off the hook for the inexplicable and ignoring scripture's affirmation of God's sovereign control over life and death, some misguided God-followers even question the… Continue reading Are You Trying to Create God in Your Own Image?

Two Great Resources to Help You Make the Most of Your Reading in Revelation

Resources for Reading in Revelation

The book of Revelation is intimidating, and it is often sadly misused as a crystal ball, reduced to a series of apocalyptic charts, or micro-examined as if it were a secret message in need of decoding. The Revelation was written to people who knew their Old Testament a lot better than I do.  Therefore, the… Continue reading Two Great Resources to Help You Make the Most of Your Reading in Revelation

What Do You Know for Sure About God?

Sunday Scripture I'm fascinated by the spiritual growth of my grandchildren. At 5 and 2, they know for sure that God made them. They know he loves them, and whenever we have "theological discussions," I am usually the one who walks away enlightened, because their thoughts about God come through uncluttered and full of joy.… Continue reading What Do You Know for Sure About God?

Frederick Buechner’s Beautiful and Terrible World

"Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don't be afraid." ~Frederick Buechner

First impressions are usually lasting, and that was certainly the case with my introduction to Frederick Buechner, which came through a Luci Shaw poem. She quoted these nourishing words in a season of seeking intimacy with God:  "Beat a trail to God long enough, and he will come to you on the trail you have… Continue reading Frederick Buechner’s Beautiful and Terrible World

The Apostles’ Creed for the 21st Century

The Apostles' Creed for the 21st Century

Whether from a desire for “authenticity” or from a mistrust of formal statements of faith, the use of creeds has fallen out of favor in many evangelical churches. However, in The Apostles' Creed: Discovering Authentic Christianity in an Age of Counterfeits, Albert Mohler—president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and TGC Council member—argues that creedal… Continue reading The Apostles’ Creed for the 21st Century

What You Believe About God Matters

What You Think About God Matters--A Reflection on G.K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy

What you believe about God matters. Is He malleable, pliable, well-intentioned, but out of touch? A bit like you, only ever-so-much-more-so? Can you embrace the reality of a transcendent, crucified God who preceded matter and interrupted the natural order "to save mankind in the awful shape of man?" (217) What you believe about humanity matters.… Continue reading What You Believe About God Matters

It’s Time to Stop Comparing and Start Rejoicing

It's time to stop comparing and start rejoicing in the differences God has created.

I am, by nature, a do-er, but one of my favorite, long-time friends can "squander" an entire afternoon over tea and conversation without batting a remorseful eyelash. When we were both in the trenches of parenting toddlers, we twirled long phone cords, and I heard her sleep-deprived voice say, "Sometimes I just sit on the… Continue reading It’s Time to Stop Comparing and Start Rejoicing

10 Ways to Reflect God’s Character

In His Image: 10 Ways to Reflect the Character of God

He placed one hand on the door frame, shifted his weight to one foot, and then placed the other small boot toe-down on the floor. Looking at his dad, he checked his hand position and then assumed the facial expression he deemed appropriate to the occasion, a conversation among "the guys." My grandson's imitation of… Continue reading 10 Ways to Reflect God’s Character

Leaning into the Risk of Motherhood

Birthing Hope, Motherhood, Incarnation

I can remember when I used to be an advocate for early demise. My fondest hope was to fulfill the biblical quotient for old age as well as I could, and then to exit stage left with as little drama as possible to make room for the next wave. Then I became a mother, and… Continue reading Leaning into the Risk of Motherhood