Blessed Are Those Who Persevere

Close your eyes and do not peek,
And I’ll rub spring across your cheek.

Smooth as satin, soft and sleek,
Now close your eyes and do not peek.

I can’t begin to count how many times my husband has come home from a spring outing with these words from his childhood . . .  and one hand behind his back concealing a bouquet of humble spring beauty.

Pussy willow season is the reward for persevering through a long, Maine winter, and those tiny gray buds, soft as a kitten’s paw, always find a place of honor in a vase somewhere nearby where I can enjoy them until the season of running water, the gift of longer daylight, and the offering of warmth and earth-smells bring about some of the more showy manifestations of spring.

Those who believingly follow Jesus Christ are familiar with anticipation, with the dogged perseverance of waiting, because we have read the words of Scripture about eternal rewards which come to those who endure.

So we endure – sometimes just because God has commanded us to do so;

Sometimes because we remember that Jesus has promised it will be worth it in the end. 

The Revelation offers hope  with God’s promise of stunning rewards for those who persevere in faith. I’m visiting over at Faith ‘n Friends today, and I hope you’ll join me there to finish the rest of this reflection. See you there!


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6 thoughts on “Blessed Are Those Who Persevere”

  1. Ah yes. ‘Someday’ is such a long time to children, isn’t it? And we are children in so many ways. We do want what we want when we want it. Tough lesson–patience. Inspiring words, dear heart!


  2. I am finding it so hard to persevere in a current season of intercession and waiting on God’s timing. Thank you for this encouragement. 🙂


    1. Lord, I join with Cheryl in this season of intercession, asking that you would give peace and a firm confidence in You that goes clear to the bone.
      Cheryl, thank you for sharing your heart.


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