Sharing the Story

Whether it’s a movie, a novel, a picture book, or a tale spun around the dining room table, we are drawn to stories.  In I Corinthians 10, the Apostle Paul looks back on one of the most well-known stories of his people and uses the important images there to illustrate sobering truth for a fledgling church.

Unconsciously, we do the same thing when we look back on our own stories. Events that seemed trivial at the time reveal themselves, on further inspection, to have been pivotal moments.  Periods of time that seemed to have been empty and without purpose — surprise!  They were no more devoid of activity and life than a drop of pond water viewed under a microscope.

Recently Mary Hill asked if I would be willing to share my story on her blog — and she even provided a list of questions to guide my thinking.  She’s a great friend who works hard to build community through her writing ministry.  I always enjoy the mingling of stories that happens at her place each Monday.

This is your invitation to click on over to her site to read about the events that have shaped my faith and my writing. While you’re there, I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the stories of others!


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21 thoughts on “Sharing the Story”

  1. What a wonderful story you shared on Mary’s blog Michelle – thank you for taking the time to share your story!

    Great minds must think alike. You are my Featured Guest at this week’s Friendship Friday Blog Party at Create With Joy (congrats!) I picked you before I saw the article – so God must really want to get the word out on you this week! 🙂

    Have an amazing week and thank YOU for YOUR faithfulness! 🙂


  2. Michele, I loved this! This statement brought to remembrance something I asked the Lord to help me with and I had gotten away from it, “I’m convinced that God cares deeply about the way I use my minutes, about the thoughts that I allow to occupy my idle moments – EVERYTHING.” This very moment I’ll be starting it again. Thank you for sharing a little more about you with Thankful Thursdays.


  3. Michele,
    It was so wonderful to read your story over at Mary’s! She has worked so diligently with this 31-day project! I am blown away by her tenacity and heart! It was an honor to reflect through her questions, too. I, like you, had some aha moments in the reflections!
    Blessings, friend!


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