Can Busy Mums Really Find Time to Spend with God? (Part 1)

Sunlight slanted through the passenger-side window, and a light breeze lifted the pages of the Bible that was propped against the steering wheel to make room for the notebook in my lap.  Middle school band practice always lasted 45 minutes — not long enough to bother going home.  And since the older children were all occupied elsewhere, there was no need.  So, for a few moments, the blue mini-van in the parking lot became a tabernacle — a mobile meeting place for quiet reading and reflection.

That was the scene that first came to mind when Shannon Coleman from Of the Hearth asked for my thoughts on making time in a busy schedule for daily quiet time with God.  As the mum of four active boys, I’ve long been an advocate for the prudent use of little minutes, so I’ve shared a few thoughts over at her place today.  

Best of all, Shannon has given suggestions that have worked for her as the mum of two toddlers, and has also invited our friend Elizabeth from Guilty Chocoholic Mama to provide input as the mum of two teenage girls.

This week we’re just getting started with the basics in which Shannon poses the question:

How do you find time to spend with the Lord?

If this is an area of struggle for you, we invite you to come on over for encouragement — and if you know someone else who needs ideas or inspiration, I hope you’ll invite them too!  Please follow this link over to Shannon’s place, and be sure to share you own pointers and principles as you join in the conversation!

Next Wednesday, July 26th, we’ll be back with our thoughts on these questions:

In what ways has being a mum changed how you go about having a devotional time?

What tools have helped you to be consistent?

Elizabeth, Shannon, and I look forward to seeing you next week!


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33 thoughts on “Can Busy Mums Really Find Time to Spend with God? (Part 1)”

  1. Michele, your memory so made me smile. I can well remember the years of early morning basketball practice and doing the very same thing. I LOVED it! I also called my van “a sanctuary” and truly was sad when it was time to sell it. The years of meeting with God in that vehicle were so precious to me and still remain so. I hope many young moms will follow you over to read the posts! Blessings!


    1. Boy #4 will get his license next year, and I”m already thinking that these days of waiting will be coming to an end — not to mention all the conversations and laughter we share as we travel together. Seasons of life — all blessed in some way.


  2. I love how you are digging into this topic. What I find interesting is that with my kids gone (almost, last one and his wife are moving out soon), I still have to be intentional to find the time to sit with God and allow Him to lead me. Add moving on top of that and it looks nothing like I imagined when I first retired. Time is relative but how we use it determines how we honor God.


    1. You’re not the first to make this point, and I see how it could happen. Life just fills itself up with the urgent and the mundane.

      And in the midst of a move, Mary, if you can even FIND your Bible, you are doing well.


  3. Michele,
    I tried to leave a message over at Shannon’s place, but not sure if it “took” or not. You sure have been in a busy season of life. I love how you say you’ve switched to a more practical tote in order to use precious minutes to spend time with God. Sometimes, we just have to get practical. Thanks for your concern and prayers for me in my recovery. Still a way to go…but getting there literally one step at a time…
    Bev xx


  4. THIS! “for a few moments, the blue mini-van in the parking lot became a tabernacle — a mobile meeting place for quiet reading and reflection.”

    That’s been me! It wasn’t until recently that I’ve learned to take advantage of moments, but God is showing me that I can meet Him in all the moments of my day, not just the hour long prayer time at dawn that never happens.

    So grateful for this!

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    1. Oh, I’m so glad to hear this. Sure, it would be great if we could be on our knees in total solitude and silence, every single day in complete concentration. But if we wait for perfect, how much we miss! I’m enjoying the fellowship I’m finding through this post with all the mums who are propping their Bibles up on the steering wheel in a parking lot.

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  5. In that season it became clear that if something was important to me I found time for it so making time for God was very important to me and my family. I saw what happened when I didn’t. For most of my life I was a working mother and an early riser – so the mornings were my sacred space; just getting it in before the day got busy. When I lived in NY, commuting time was a Godsend. Time in the car works also. But early mornings have been my mainstay and sanity saver.

    Stopping by from a linkup!


  6. Right now my sanctuary is the screened in porch in our new-to-us home. It is currently filled with carefully folded empty cardboard boxes. But when I pause there before the rest of the house awakens I always find there is still room for God to meet me. It is a much needed refuge to prepare me for another day of unpacking ahead! Blessings!

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  7. I’m intrigued by this series even though I’m an empty nester. I feel like I less time to get things done now than I did when I worked a full time job. Heading over to Shannon’s to hear the rest of the story. Thanks Michele. Patti


    1. I’ve heard more than one mum say that when they have more time on their hands, they have a tendency to lose track of it! I’m glad for the words of warning, so that I can be watching for that tendency myself (someday!).


  8. “parking lot became a tabernacle” – what a wonderful illustration! I have found those moments here and there over the years as well. Amazing how those quiet moments can restore and revive us. Thank you for sharing this week at Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop!


  9. I love your practical, “seize the moment”, approach to spending time with God. Isn’t that what we have to do to build all our relationships in this busy life? It makes sense that it would be the same in our relationship with God.

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    1. Yes, and while it’s important to draw boundaries around that time so that it is holy and “set apart,” if we wait for perfection, it may never happen. Thanks, Elizabeth, for sharing your thoughts here. It’s been so good to get input, and the conversation will continue on Wednesday of this week!


  10. A big lesson I’ve had to learn has been to include my kids in my quiet time. I had become a little selfish about it being “my” time! 😦 Thanks so much for sharing it at Booknificent Thursday on!


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