Peaceful Season of Change

Welcome a New Season of Peaceful Change

Welcome the peaceful signs of this new season by
Beating your swords into plowshares.

Then go till up a garden!

Beat those blades back into swords again
And do battle against an ensnaring sin.

Don’t be anxious about
What is coming or
What might come.

Pick a bouquet just for today’s table.

Turn regret on its squeaky hinges
And resolve to make a change.


Blessings to you as we welcome the wonderful signs of spring!

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39 thoughts on “Welcome a New Season of Peaceful Change”

  1. Love this spring poem! : ) Just got my “plowshare,” now to find someone who knows what the plants in my yard are and what I need to do to take care of them haha! Believing this is part of picking a bouquet just for today’s table!

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    1. So true, Bethany. We can be so determined and practical about life, but then there is all this beauty outside that needs to be appreciated. Annie Dillard warned her readers not to let nature “play to an empty house.” Yes!

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  2. Dear Michele,
    These is such a lovely poem about springtime and growing! And I love the photo of the snowdrops! I am still waiting for the first little crocus to peek up here, but this icy rain today must be scaring them away. 🙂 Hope you have a beautiful spring, friend!

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    1. Thanks, Joanne! We drove through Massachusetts today on our way home, and you are about the same stage of spring development as we are. We’re all having our patience tested this year!


  3. In the middle of a blizzard here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and still have 30+ inches of snow on the ground – but I’m certain that spring WILL come eventually! Since I’m fighting a headache today, it’s a good day for a snow day, and I refuse to lose my joy in the Lord!


  4. Ah, there is no gardening today with the rain and cold winds and all that other good stuff that gets us ready to embrace the sunshine when it finally returns.

    But I did get all the evergreens fertilized on Saturday, Michele. And it felt so good to get outside once again …


  5. Yes! Gardening! The scent of the soil, the beauty that keeps on giving with promises of even more beauty after a cold winter, the physical work that beats down fears, creating a place to pray, to relax, to enjoy birds, to sing….how I love gardening!


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