Welcome a New Season of Peaceful Change

Peaceful Season of Change

Welcome the peaceful signs of this new season by Beating your swords into plowshares. Then go till up a garden! Beat those blades back into swords again And do battle against an ensnaring sin. Don't be anxious about What is coming or What might come. Pick a bouquet just for today's table. Turn regret on… Continue reading Welcome a New Season of Peaceful Change

For All Who Have Chosen Wrong Roads

Maybe it’s the bright yellow of autumn here in New England, or perhaps it’s just my affinity for Robert Frost’s view of the world, but I can’t seem to turn calendar pages past the fall equinox without mumbling phrases from “The Road Not Taken.” It’s unfortunate that a glut of 70’s-era posters and way too… Continue reading For All Who Have Chosen Wrong Roads

Grief, Regret, and Second Chances

Irene Hannon examines grief and the providence of God while also exploring the nature of guidance and the importance of cleaning up our messes while they are still fresh.  There's an ocean of wisdom pouring out along the narrative flow of her new work of contemporary fiction:  Hope Harbor. When Michael Hunter takes a leave of absence from… Continue reading Grief, Regret, and Second Chances