The Sermon on the Mount changes the way we practice righteousness.

Sunday Scripture ~ Matthew 6:1

I’ve raised a couple of trumpet players and the one currently in residence is often inspired to practice at about the same time that I am inspired to go to bed. That’s fine with me, because I value the musical endeavors of my kids whenever they happen, but as the sound waves bounce off all the hard surfaces in our living room, it becomes quite clear to me that when Jesus warned his listeners, “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them,” his metaphor of “sounding a trumpet” was spot on.

What better way to alert the world that you’re about to do something kind or charitable?

And so, today, preparing for worship, I will check my motives for signs of fanfare:

Am I more concerned about meeting with God or about appearing to meet with God?

Will my contributions to the service today be offered as worship– or as performance?

Is my heart content to serve in unseen ways–or am I dependent upon the “thank you” and the appreciation of others?

For his glory alone,

18 thoughts on “Sunday Scripture ~ Matthew 6:1”

  1. Your post also reminds of the scripture about not praying on street corners only so others see but to pray in private. Hope your Summer has been good. School started here mid August. ~hugs~


  2. Great mental checklist, Michele. I wish my thoughts had been so profound when one of my sons decided to practice his drums or electric guitar when I was trying to sleep! 🙂


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