What to Do When You Need a Helper

"O Lord, be my Helper!"

Sunday Scripture My grandchildren love to help me in the kitchen, just as their father was my helper when he was small enough to stand on a stool and struggle to keep all the flour in the mixing bowl. This variety of "help" usually requires a fair amount of work and patience on my part.… Continue reading What to Do When You Need a Helper

Practice Rich Habits of Faith to Minimize Distractions in a Noisy World

"These words that I command you today shall be on your heart."

Sunday Scripture "I don't need to listen to this," I said out loud (to myself) as I clicked out of my podcast app. The truth is, I could have information pouring into my eyes and ears every minute of the day: news, commentary on the news, audio books, book reviews, interviews, or conversations on the… Continue reading Practice Rich Habits of Faith to Minimize Distractions in a Noisy World

A Powerful Love Story Based on Strong Promises

A powerful love story based on strong promises

Sunday Scripture About thirty years ago, a handsome young man in a tux stood before me and recited loving words of commitment that began like this: “Michele, joining my life with yours in the covenant of marriage . . .” And so our love story began with strong promises about loving and listening, faithfulness and… Continue reading A Powerful Love Story Based on Strong Promises

Why Is Prayer in the Night So Important?

Why is prayer in the night so important?

Sunday Scripture If you are a person whose eyes are open and watching in the wee hours, if sleep sometimes eludes you because you aren't sure who's actually in charge when you aren't, you may need words to remind you of the large truth that God's sovereignty, goodness, and love are in effect, even in… Continue reading Why Is Prayer in the Night So Important?

How Are You Managing the Boundaries in Your Life?

Guard your heart and live free!

Sunday Scripture "Don't go past the birch tree!" I called to my sons whenever they played in the front yard. The boundary gave them plenty of room to play, but kept them well away from the road. We settled disputes over taking turns with a timer--twenty minutes for one brother's turn and then a quick… Continue reading How Are You Managing the Boundaries in Your Life?

A Laundry Experiment Called Grace

"He has transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved son."

Sunday Scripture Doing laundry for a posse of four sons often felt more like a chemistry experiment than a household chore. Scrubbing, spraying, treating, pre-washing, and re-washing were all part of the formula, and sometimes the result was great--other times, not so much. Unlike my laundry experiments, God's cleansing work in the believer's life is… Continue reading A Laundry Experiment Called Grace

What Is God Really Promising Here?

"I can be content in any and every situation through the Anointed One who is my power and strength" (Philippians 4:13).

Sunday Scripture The schools called a two-hour delay on the first Monday of the New Year. The condition of my driveway and my icy walk with the dog in early light confirmed the wisdom of their decision, but, even so, it left me feeling out of sorts. Substitute teaching is always a "throw the apples… Continue reading What Is God Really Promising Here?

Begin Again Every Day: A Powerful Rule of Life

Sunday Scripture Two spiritual practices carried me through December 2020: Each day, I took note of the sunrise, describing the way the light arrived and thanking God for sending the one True Light. Later, I would read a carol and write down one line that stood out to me. The big January surprise, in this… Continue reading Begin Again Every Day: A Powerful Rule of Life

The Reason Why We Can Sing “Joy to the World”

Christmas is a sure sign that God came for the whole world.

Sunday Scripture When my sons were all small, they loved playing Hide and Seek. Sometimes it was a big, summer-time game with the whole family hiding outside in the bushes, sometimes just a simple one-on-one at bedtime, but one son in particular would get so overcome with excitement he couldn't contain the secret. "I'm 'hind… Continue reading The Reason Why We Can Sing “Joy to the World”

Are You Singing the Song of the Servant this Christmas?

"God is God. Because he is God, he is worthy of my obedience." Elisabeth Elliot

Sunday Scripture This week, I started listening to Christmas music on the way to work. Our 24/7 Christmas music radio station plays everything from crooning Bing to the musical equivalent of an ugly Christmas sweater. One frosty morning, fresh off my Isaiah Advent reading and a mug of hot tea, the radio wished me a… Continue reading Are You Singing the Song of the Servant this Christmas?