Sunday Scripture ~ Luke 12:48

God will not hold you accountable for what you do not know. This is good news. It is true of the unreached people groups from Operation World, and it is true of you and me in our earlier, perhaps untaught, and perhaps more reckless, less scripturally grounded years.

Everyone to whom much was given much will be required …

These words of Jesus to his disciples are both sobering and liberating, a comfort and a warning. To us with our multiple Bibles in a range of translations, how are we handling the rich revelation available to us?

Are you making the abundance of your talents and spiritual gifts available to God and to his people? Some are given more, some are given less, but all are given much!

This Sunday, let’s invest wisely. What are you doing with the grace gifts given to you?

Grateful for my “much,”

Michele (1)

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Scripture ~ Luke 12:48”

  1. A great scripture to meditate on for every Christian. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Michele.

    “Are you making the abundance of your talents and spiritual gifts available to God and to his people?” This is a question we should all be asking of ourselves. But we also need to ask how are we going about using our gifts. Do we just “work” for God, day after day, or do we take time every day to replenish the supply He has for us so we have something fresh to give, something up-to-date, hot off the press, so to speak? Or are we giving a rehash from last week or last year’s half-worn-out gifts? Do we do it with joy, or simply as a duty to ease our conscience? Many people don’t know the difference and what should be a delight becomes a drudgery to them, and thus ineffective. I pray for those people to find renewed relationship with the Lord daily, to restore their first love (Rev. 2:4) so they can get fresh breath from the Spirit to run the race with rejoicing. I pray that I will begin every day asking Him what I can do to invest in His people, His work, His kingdom so that I don’t waste the gifts and talents He has given to me.


  2. Oh, Lord, help me to invest wisely the grace gifts You’ve given me! Thank you for Michele, and her winsome challenges to climb further up and in to all You intend for us–the growth, the fruitfulness, the satisfaction and contentment of living for You!


  3. That word ‘invest’ is an important one. It begs a decision, a cost, a price, an opportunity.

    Love these Sunday posts. So much deep food for thought in just a few paragraphs.



  4. Michele, I so appreciate this post. I love your question, how are we handling the rich revelation God’s given us? Too often, I take it for granted. I am thinking on this question more as I go about my day. Thanks for making me think. 🙂


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