Sunday Scripture ~ 1 Corinthians 5:17

Tired metaphor though it be, the transformation from chubby caterpillar to seemingly inanimate chrysalis, and then to elegant and dainty flying monarch is new again to me in this late summer season of 2019, because it is new to my tiny grandchildren.

“Leafy” had no idea that the milkweed he munched in a retired goldfish bowl was anyLeafy different than the succulent salad he had been savoring in the field adjacent to my garden. He went home with the boy who had christened him, and for a few days, it was his job to put the creativity of God on display.

Following the dotted lines back to the glory of New Life, to the comprehensive and bone-deep transformation that comes with New Birth–or even the patient waiting for a sandwich–can be a stretch for a four-year-old spirit, but awe is very much within his grasp.

The God who says, “Do it again!” every day to the sun never tires of amazing his children, both big and small.

And the transformation that takes place in the believer is no less astonishing. When the old passes away and the new comes, the creativity and power of God are put on display, and it happens in a different way and with unique outcomes in every single life.

How is your new birth giving you wings on this beautiful Sunday?

Grace and peace, 

Image Credit for Pumpkin/Monarch Butterfly/Tiny Boy Hand: Christine Morin, my long suffering daughter-in-law who has played midwife to no fewer than a half dozen monarch butterflies this season!


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19 thoughts on “Sunday Scripture ~ 1 Corinthians 5:17”

  1. The metamorphosis process never ceases to amaze me. Maybe that’s how God feels about the metamorphosis He makes in us.


  2. He gives new beginnings each day and also each season that are amazing. We can never predict what each brings. As you know, my new beginning path that God has now set me on is like a roller coaster of emotions every day, and elusive at this point, but as with life, I am not the one in control over all of it. I always loved and feared God, but when born again, that path also has been a roller coaster and continues so. Without that, I think though it would be dull in this human world. Have a great week.


  3. Beautiful post and perfect analogy and Scripture, Michele! Our 60th Monarch appeared here at the farmstead in Hartland, Maine this season. We were blessed as we got to watch a female Monarch emerge from her chrysalis on our back porch siding August 31… Blessed by our Lord’s gifts every day! Thanks for sharing. ❤


  4. This fall, I’m spreading my wings with new friends in a new Bible study. We met for a kick-off brunch on Friday, and what a grand time we enjoyed becoming acquainted. Praise God for the way he augments relationships!


  5. Hi Michele! I saw the most beautiful monarch butterfly the other day. It was flying high around my lilac bush proud and free. And it’s a great reminder of the freedom and new life I have in Jesus! What an awesome story to read today! Thanks and God bless!


  6. Awww, Michele, I love this. And I am continually amazed at how God puts His glory on display for our pleasure. His love for us manifested through the beauty He creates for us.

    In a season with many relational ups and downs, I find my metamorphosis becoming clear as again I learn to live in faith and not fear in present circumstances. I’m thankful our father is big enough to guide us and He’s continually doing that good work in us and faithfully completing it.


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