Let Jesus's invitation to "Come and have breakfast" change your morning routine as you incorporate habits of holiness into your day and live your way into the daily welcome of God's presence and his love.

Breakfast for Your Body and the Bread of Life for Your Soul

Sunday Scripture

After a long night of empty-net fishing, seven discouraged disciples turned their boat toward shore. The surprise of an early morning Jesus-sighting and the gift of an unexpected and bountiful catch turned their day upside down, and their shore-side picnic with Jesus is one of my favorite New Testament images.  What’s not to love about a Messiah who redeems the world from destruction, rises from the dead, and then cooks breakfast for you?

While conditions that morning were rustic, it soon became clear Jesus was setting the table for a heart-to-heart with Peter:

The memory of fried fish still lingers in the morning air
As two friends rest on the sand.
Arms weary from hauling netted abundance,
Bleary-eyed from little sleep,
Peter regards his Lord,
He who still provides.

“Do you love me, Simon?”
No mention of the Rock today.
Do memories of a blazing fire and hot
words sear the disciple’s memory as he
ponders the question?

No fiery proclamations this morning–
Smoke rises and embers dim on the cook fire.

Fish has never made it onto the breakfast menu here on the hill, but breakfast is an important gathering nonetheless. Something nutritious served with love is a great beginning to the day. Add a lit candle and an open Bible, and you’ve got nutrition for both body and soul. Asheritah Ciuciu has created a beautiful resource that combines biblically rich devotional food with a collection of thirty-one healthful and inviting recipes to go along with each day’s reading.

Bible and Breakfast: 31 Mornings with Jesus introduces mums with busy mornings into the practice of feeding our bodies and souls together. The reality of mum-life is that every morning looks a little bit different. Sometimes there will be time for feasting on the Word while double chocolate banana muffins or baked cheesy polenta fill the house with the aroma of homemade love. Rushed mornings call for one of Asheritah’s “snack on the go” devotionals and baked oatmeal cups doled out to the crew on the way out the door.

Let Jesus’s invitation to “Come and have breakfast” change your morning routine as you incorporate habits of holiness into your day and live your way into the daily welcome of God’s presence and his love.

Many thanks to Moody Publishers for providing a copy of this book to facilitate my review, which, of course, is offered freely and with honesty.

Joining you around the fire this morning,

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Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash

29 thoughts on “Breakfast for Your Body and the Bread of Life for Your Soul”

  1. Michele, love your turn of phrase: “What’s not to love about a Messiah who redeems the world from destruction, rises from the dead, and then cooks breakfast for you?” It IS a pretty amazing picture of Jesus.

    Bible and Breakfast sounds wonderful! I wish I could have run across a resource like that when I was raising children. I need to mention it to my daughter.


  2. I so need to get back to reading books. I use to and do the reviews. Use to always have a book in my hand. I like the hands on books but I do have so many on my Kindle that I need to read also. And of course, I enjoy reading the Bible and Journaling in my Bible. I just picked up a book by Ann Voskamp today. We have a seconds type store called Ollies and they get overstock, and they had one of hers very reasonable. Anyway, thanks for the scripture and words that give a pleasant picture of Jesus and the disciples eating and visiting. I can feel the balmy air when I read those chapters, and how the sun must have felt after their days. Have a great week.


  3. Beautiful post, Michele. For once I get to read it the day you wrote it! I’m often not on the computer on Sundays, but I had some things I needed to do today. I love the picture of Jesus cooking breakfast for the discouraged disciples. No fish caught, but plenty of fish cooking on the fire. Then comes the big catch. A great picture of how Jesus works in our lives. The book sounds great for busy moms, too. Thanks for sharing your book review.


  4. How ironic! I was talking about that encounter Jesus had with Peter just today, Michele! It’s such a touching moment between these two, and serves to remind me that my failures do not define who I am. My identity is secure when anchored in Jesus! Can I get an amen?! Thanks for this great resource, my friend. I’m pinning to my Bible Studies board!


  5. What a wonderful way to begin each day, with nourishment for the body and the soul. Jesus making breakfast for Peter is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. It always reminded me of my dad, who was a fisherman and an early riser, cooking fresh trout for us for breakfast when I was a girl!


  6. Jesus took care of the people physically first while tending to their spiritual needs. One of my favorite stories from the Bible is Jesus feeding the multitude which is miraculous! Growing up we didn’t have much but we had enough. We never went hungry. God takes care of His children.


  7. This >> “What’s not to love about a Messiah who redeems the world from destruction, rises from the dead, and then cooks breakfast for you?” Indeed!!! Wonderful review of this book which I also very much enjoyed.


  8. I can’t fathom all that was on Peter’s heart that morning: his denial, the crucifixion of His Savior, probably a lot of “What do we do now?” thoughts. Yet Jesus met Him so simply and tenderly.

    This book sounds like such a neat melding.


  9. I can almost smell the fire and taste the fish, Michele. Such a beautiful picture of Jesus’ unconditional love and desire to see us move past our failures into the abundant life He has for us.


  10. I can see Jesus coming to have breakfast with us down south at one of our many Waffle Houses at all hours of the night. 🙂 The crowd is always interesting, just the kind of people he would hang out with.


    1. I loved the Waffle House! I used to go there for “breakfast” after closing the Pizza Hut I worked at throughout my college years.
      On a big family road trip, we stopped at one in Arkansas, and my kids still talk about it!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Just read another post about Peter and am reminded of how much he and I have in common. Sadly. LOVE the Bible & Breakfast cookbook/devotional combo. Such a great idea and beautifully implemented as well!


    Thank you for linking up at InstaEncouragements!


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