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Think Well | Why Is It Important for Me to Persevere in Clear Thinking?

What goals have you set for your spiritual formation this summer? Do you want to trust God’s faithfulness more fully? Have you accumulated a pile of deeply challenging books to read? Maybe you’ve decided that you’re sick and tired of feeling as if your prayer life needs work and are determined to focus on your communication with God? You might be surprised to learn that many of our spiritual goals come back to a pressing need to think well.

With the world accessible to us in our pockets, we are the most well-informed generation in history, but we are also the most distracted. The ability to persevere in a coherent thought may feel beyond your control, but be encouraged! First-century believers apparently needed encouragement to work hard at thinking well, too:

The end of all things is at hand; therefore be self-controlled and sober-minded for the sake of your prayers.”

1 Peter 4:7

With the world accessible to us in our pockets, we are the most well-informed generation in history, but we are also the most distracted. You might be surprised to learn that many of our spiritual goals come back to a pressing need to think well.

Persevere in Thinking Well

The Apostle Peter wastes no words in this brief verse, giving his readers two weighty reasons for managing our thought lives in God-glorifying ways.

  1. Think well because the time is short!

    Even in Peter’s day, objections to his sense of urgency abounded. These days leading up to “the end of all things” have been anticipated for 2,000 years, and while we don’t know the exact moment of Christ’s return, we do know, in our more lucid moments, that we have a finite number of sunrises left to us, no matter what our age.

    With the end of all things at hand, Peter warns Christians not to waste their thoughts or their energy on trifles. Don’t mess up your thinking with substances or fall into the trap of mind-numbing practices. Beware of entertaining yourself into a stupor or falling prey to the negative habit of comparison or derogatory self-talk.
  2. Think well “for the sake of your prayers.”

    Do you pray as if God is your greatest hope?
    Does the content of your prayers reveal that your hope is in lesser objects?

    Peter links sober mindedness (that’s clear thinking!) with a hope that is set FULLY on Christ as our greatest treasure. A mind that is hoping fully in Christ will be fully engaged in a life of prayer.

    Don’t give up praying just because you get distracted. Follow the rabbit trail right to the throne of grace, and pray about everything that comes to your mind. Nothing is off limits with a God who has already accomplished the decisive work that leads to your salvation and opens the lines of communication between you and heaven.

Will you accept the challenge to employ the full use of your mind for the purpose of hope and for the sake of your prayers?
What will this look like in your daily walk?
Do you need to set aside time with God as if you are making an appointment with him?
Would scripture meditation help to “set your mind on things above?”

What’s working well for you, and what areas do you wish you could work on?
I’d love to have a conversation with you about all the ways you are (or want to be!) thinking well on your way to heaven!

Holding you in the light,

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51 thoughts on “Think Well | Why Is It Important for Me to Persevere in Clear Thinking?”

  1. I completely agree that we seem to be the most distracted as well as the most informed; though I don’t think we always stay informed on what truly matters!


  2. Michele, I so appreciated this post and your thoughts. As events keep unfolding on our country and world, I keep telling my children how we need to think clearly and biblically. As we form our opinions, weighing facts against Scripture, we are better guided in our decisions and prayers. Thank you for this call to persevere in clear thinking.


  3. I so agree that thinking well is VERY important! It’s something we need to prioritize. It’s too valuable to let our thoughts just haphazardly take care of themselves.


  4. I just jotted down recently that one of scores of reasons to read the Bible (a chapter in the book I’m working on) is course correction. Even when we’ve known good doctrine for years, we can get a little off after interacting with the world in various capacities–or even just when we let our thoughts wander. How we need God’s Word to get our thinking to follow His, and then to keep it there. I’m not really doing anything new to do that–just reading His Word every day, reading Christian books and blogs, playing Christian music when working in the kitchen.


  5. Nothing in mind for this summer, than to survive the Texan humidity, lol! And to watch the slow turn around that America is making, and God’s justice now raining on the unjust. Hope you are having a relaxed summer:) Jeshie2


  6. The more time we spend with someone the more we begin to act like them. I’m sure we also begin to think like Jesus when we spend time with him. Thank you for this reminder to be sober-minded and ever prepared for the end.


  7. Thinking well can be hard in these times. There is so much to distract all of us. I like the comment about True North. Well said! Thanks for linking up.


  8. Thinking well includes thinking wisely, and wisdom comes from God himself (James 1:5) and his Word (Psalm 119:130, 138). When we have a working knowledge of scripture, we can better evaluate what the loud voices arounds us are saying–especially those given platform on the media. We can measure their words against their actions (Proverbs 20:11) We can also consult godly and mature men and women for their insight (Proverbs 1:5). To always be learning, seeking, and growing in wisdom is a worthy goal to pursue every single day of this life!


  9. My word for this year is Prayer Michele & it’s been a very interesting journey. Different to what I thought it may have been. I’ll share a little later in what my journey has been on my blog.

    But I’ve realised over the years that;
    We can become complacent in our communication with God.
    We can also fall into a rut that while feels really comfortable is difficult to get out of & not what God is desiring with us. 😉
    We can also fall in the habit of only bringing our shopping (our wants) or to do (needs) list to Him rather than wanting true communication with Him!

    To answer your question;
    I find time with Him in the morning after breakfast is good for devotions & prayer. But then I leave the door of prayer open for the rest of the day, as the Holy Spirit brings people & issues to mind, that we chat on together, works best for me. 🤗
    Bless you,


  10. Some good thoughts here, Michele.

    One of my favorites: “A mind that is hoping fully in Christ will be fully engaged in a life of prayer.’ I definitely want to be fully engaged, but I do suffer from being easily distracted. I love blogs like yours that help direct me back to where I need to be.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. “Follow the rabbit trail right to the throne of grace, and pray about everything that comes to your mind.” – My mind works like that – rabbit hole trails, but I’ve learned that’s how God designed my mind to work, so I follow where He leads me there. I love the grace you encourage – to not give up when our mind takes off into other places – but this: “For the sake of your prayers” – that is food for thought. I kind of want to sit here and think about that for awhile. Shalom, Michele! ~ Maryleigh


  12. It’s true, there’s so much information out there but so many distractions. It is important to be intentional about what is filling our minds.


  13. Michele, we’ve been discussing 1 Peter in our church group. I have a new appreciation for sober thinking. As you pointed out, I believe sober has to do with clear thinking. There is much out there to confuse us. We need to rightly divide the scriptures so we don’t lose our way or our hope.


  14. I definitely agree that we are the most distracted generation – it is so easy to become distracted especially by technology. I find setting aside a specific time to focus on prayer often helps prevent me becoming distracted, as does taking some time to do some meditation/mindfulness to clear my mind before praying. #mischiefandmemories


  15. Oh I really like this – “Think well because the time is short!” It’s amazing how much there is to distract us from our course. Clear thinking feels good, and I always try to give myself a bit of a treat for staying on track, and a reminder to keep doing so. Thank you for joining us for #mischiefandmemories


  16. So many good thoughts packed into one small post, Michele! I so appreciate the way you always point us to God, sharing from your own vast experience of walking with him. And these days we all need to be clear-headed, for sure!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party. I’m featuring you this week!


  17. Such a perfectly timed post! I have been super focused just this week on clarity of thought and not wasting valuable mind energy on frivolous things. It has been the target area of all of my yoga and meditation practices for the entire week. It is so important to clear the distractions away from us. We have access to so much information that it can become overwhelming finding the truth in it all. Clarity is so, so necessary. Thanks for sharing and linking with me, Michele.



  18. Humans have been blessed with an inquisitive mind and it would be shockingly ungrateful not to use it for the good of the world. Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories


  19. So much food for thought here, Michele. And you’re right, we have so much information at our fingertips that it’s often easy to get lost in the flood of it. I’ve been working on being clearer about my writing in the last few months.


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