How Will You Overcome the Challenges Life Throws at You

How Will You Overcome the Challenges Life Throws at You?

Among the pesky distractions that accompany an online ministry are the hackers who invade and imitate, even going so far as to steal accounts for their own nefarious purposes. Of course, all I have to do is open my Bible or read a few missionary biographies to put my own ministry woes into proper perspective.

Abel was murdered. Jeremiah was dropped into a slimy pit. John the Baptist was beheaded–all in the course of faithful lives. Early missionaries like William Carey and Adoniram Judson labored in hostile settings with little encouragement and maximum inconvenience.

Encounter an Obstacle, Make a Choice, Then Persevere

Still, as a habitual pessimist, I’m pretty skilled at construing problems from ordinary challenges. Then, the words of Corrie ten Boom bring a halt to my anxious spinning: “God has no problems, only plans.”

We know from Paul’s writing that keeping our eyes firmly fixed on the unseen and eternal is a sure way to encounter an obstacle, make a choice, and then persevere. Elisabeth Elliot stated it with unmistakable realism:

Life is full of things we can’t do anything about, but which we are supposed to do something with.”

This season of Lent is an ideal time to ponder our obstacles in light of the One who “endured the cross and thought nothing of its shame because of the joy” (Hebrews 12:2).

What pesky distractions are you having to “do something with”?

Are you tempted to conclude that ministry isn’t worth the hassle or that your faithfulness to God is more bother than blessing?

May we find grace to welcome whatever comes into our lives that serves to heighten our awareness of our need for Him!

Holding You in the Light,

“Life is full of things we can’t do anything about, but which we are supposed to do something with.” Elisabeth Elliot #elisabethelliotquotes

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Ash Wednesday is a day to grow in our understanding of where to take our struggle with sin.

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6 thoughts on “How Will You Overcome the Challenges Life Throws at You?”

  1. We’ve had some pesky attacks. One way the Lord encouraged me was by leading me to a couple of different verses. One is “Don’t be intimidated in any way by your enemies. This will be a sign to them that they are going to be destroyed, but that you are going to be saved, even by God himself. For you have been given not only the privilege of trusting in Christ but also the privilege of suffering for him” (Phil. 1:28-29 NLT).


    1. Yes, my most recent internet outrage gave me a whole new understanding of the word “enemies” and how it’s used in the Bible. There’s so much goodness to be gained by meditating on all the ways Paul especially connects our “light and momentary” suffering with the redemptive suffering of Jesus.


  2. The Elliot quote is such an encouragement – when there are things I can’t change – things that are harder than a hacker who takes over an IG account (right there with you, friend) – I love the redeeming quality – we are supposed to do something with it – and how we live it out – that’s where God helps us live redemption. Michele – you are writing with a fresh fire! What goodness you give us to start the week!


    1. When I get stuck in resentment or just plain puzzlement over something I can’t change or fix, the truth that God travels with me INTO the mess and will help me to just live right along has been so powerful. And those crazy internet snafus and outrages DO seem to take up space in our lives as if Instagram was the real world…


  3. One of my frustrations is that these things, though small, take time to deal with, and that seems like such a waste when we have so many good and useful things we’d like to do. But I suppose if God allows them, there’s something He wants us to learn from them. He could prevent them, but since He doesn’t, I need to seek His grace and wisdom to respond in the right way.


    1. Oh, that’s so Absolutely true, and truest of all, I think, in connection with our online ministries. Precious minutes get burned up in the resolution of some small problem. I’m praying for wisdom in this specific area, so your comment is very timely. God uses the little struggles to refine us…

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