Hard Work of Reaching Your Goal

Commit Your Minutes to the Hard Work of Reaching Your Goal

When I am in the process of turning bright red tomatoes into fragrant and delicious spaghetti sauce in my kitchen, I’m usually working with inexact measures. The recipe may call for nine cups of tomato puree, but my garden produces whatever seems right in that season. Measuring the herbs that flavor the sauce is definitely more of an art than a science. 

“Needs more oregano,” I said aloud to the cloud of steam rising from the kettle. “And maybe some more brown sugar.” 

When the flavor is off, I know it because I know what it’s supposed to taste like. Even when my sons were young, they could tell the difference between my sauce and something I bought in the store.

I want that kind of familiarity with the truth of God’s Word! When I read a book or listen to a message that deviates from biblical teaching, I want to be able to say, “Hey, the flavor is off, here!” 

And so I read, but I handle my reading of Scripture differently than I handle all the other hundreds of pages I read as part of my book-loving life. It’s my goal to be a woman of the Word, so I’ll put in the work and make every effort to steer clear of distractions.

If that’s your goal, join me over at Living By Design where I’m sharing a challenge for you (and for me!) to do the work that’s needed to reach our goals. Simply CLICK HERE to read the entire article.

Distraction is the 21st-century pandemic for which there is no vaccine. Our phones have convinced us that we can know everything but we honor God when we leave omniscience and omnipresence to him and embrace our creaturely limitations.

And Now Let’s Talk Books…

Misty Copeland and I have different goals, but her determination challenges me.

The Wind at My Back has elements of both memoir and biography, for Misty Copeland has woven her own milestones and challenges on the way to becoming a prima ballerina with the story of her mentor, Raven Wilkinson. Wilkinson, also a professional dancer, came of age in the 50’s as a black woman before Civil Rights. Her courage in the face of danger and disrespect galvanized Copeland at a pivotal point in her career.

However, more than the story of two careers, Copeland has written, first of all, the story of a relationship–a true friendship that bridged generations. “Every time you step on the stage,” promised Raven, “I’ll be the wind at your back.” The two women were connected by a level of mutual understanding born of overcoming obstacles placed in their path by those who refused to see black people as capable of success in traditionally “European” art forms.

Second, Copeland writes to clarify and enlarge her readers’ understanding of calling. As children, both Raven and Misty were stirred deeply by their exposure to ballet. In response, they gave up leisure time and other pursuits to devote themselves body and soul to their art. The love for what they were doing and the drive to succeed carried them through painful injury and the even more painful barriers of disrespect and injustice.

Holding You in the Light,

More than simply the story of her ballet career, in #TheWindatMyBack, Misty Copeland writes about #mentoring and enlarges her readers’ understanding of calling. @mistyonpointe @GrandCentralPub

How Will You Come Close to the Story in the Days Leading up to Easter? (Here’s a FREE Resource to Help…)

As a gift to my newsletter subscribers, I’ve created a collection of 20 devotional readings called Come Close to the Story, a preparation for your true celebration of resurrection on Easter Sunday. This Lenten season I invite you to join me for a daily pause—most readings should take five minutes or less—to come close to the story. In your busy life, remember that Easter is on its way. Affirm your belief in resurrection power, and then admit that without a death, there would be no resurrection.

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Ash Wednesday is a day to grow in our understanding of where to take our struggle with sin.

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9 thoughts on “Commit Your Minutes to the Hard Work of Reaching Your Goal”

  1. I am SO thankful for the biblical teaching I’ve received over the years and the encouragement to study on my own. I LOVE spending time with my Heavenly Father in his Word! He teaches, strengthens, and inspires me so I can better handle the challenges of life. May many women take to heart your encouragement, Michele, to become women of the Word. They will NEVER regret it.


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