Commit Your Minutes to the Hard Work of Reaching Your Goal

Hard Work of Reaching Your Goal

When I am in the process of turning bright red tomatoes into fragrant and delicious spaghetti sauce in my kitchen, I’m usually working with inexact measures. The recipe may call for nine cups of tomato puree, but my garden produces whatever seems right in that season. Measuring the herbs that flavor the sauce is definitely… Continue reading Commit Your Minutes to the Hard Work of Reaching Your Goal

How to Persevere in Hope When the Outcome is Uncertain

Persevere in Hope When the Outcome is Uncertain

We sat in silent disbelief, neither of us knowing what to say.  When my husband’s job was eliminated without warning, the news landed like a tidal wave:  completely unexpected and comprehensively devastating.  Then, as the wave receded, applications, interviews, and the thin hope that accompanies waiting seemed to set the agenda for our family’s unknown… Continue reading How to Persevere in Hope When the Outcome is Uncertain

Ambition as Cooperation with God | 3 Prayers for the Ambitious Woman

Ambition in cooperation with God, is a gift to be offered back to him.

I had begun to picture cobwebs growing in the corners of my email inbox, and my impatience was rivaled only by my disappointment. After two years of watching my speaking ministry grow, suddenly the invitations had stopped coming. Of course, I kept all my fraught feelings to myself. How could I share this particular sadness… Continue reading Ambition as Cooperation with God | 3 Prayers for the Ambitious Woman

What Is Your Reference Point for Success in Ministry?

What is your reference point for success in ministry?

In the dark, in the car, hands on the steering wheel, I sighed in frustration. “I can’t do this anymore,” I said out loud, startling myself with the fierceness of my tone over the sound of the car’s heater. On that frigid January night, I was brittle with fatigue and hollow with disappointment. I had… Continue reading What Is Your Reference Point for Success in Ministry?

Say Yes to the Gift of Christmas

Joy is a gift that comes as we make room for it in our lives.

“You can say ‘no,’” he said softly, in a whisper, so our son would not hear.Immediately, my guard went up. It was Christmas time, so my planner was bulging its squares with lists of things to buy and to wrap and to bake.  What was my husband going to propose that required this ominous-sounding, front-loaded… Continue reading Say Yes to the Gift of Christmas

Reaching Out for the Adjacent Possible

Make it your practice to begin working on your spiritual goals by addressing today’s adjacent possible.

“Nine chapters, one hundred fifty two pages—how hard can this be?” I thought, as I loaded a well-known Christian classic onto my Kindle. Slogging through chapter two, reality began to set in. I had always been an avid reader but felt a need to be more intentional in my reading choices. The holes in my… Continue reading Reaching Out for the Adjacent Possible

Musings: April 2018

Musings: April 2018

When a committee of five gathered to draft the Declaration of Independence, it was Thomas Jefferson's pen that framed the colonies' complaints against England. Then, taking their own quills in hand, his colleagues made 43 changes to the document, and when it was presented to Congress, they made an additional forty-plus edits. Learning that Thomas… Continue reading Musings: April 2018

Everyday Habits of Holiness

Every Day Habits of Holiness

The insistent tone of my cell phone’s timer carried through floorboards to our basement schoolroom--another call to prayer unanswered. I sighed, turned the page, and continued with my sixth-grader in a lesson on fractions. I had been reading about the historical practice of praying the hours, setting aside intentional moments throughout the day at specific… Continue reading Everyday Habits of Holiness