Joy Davidman Lewis, Author

Her story has all the makings of a melancholy fairy tale:  award-winning poet and brilliant writer caught in a disastrous marriage flees to England and meets the world-renowned author she has been pen-friends with since first reading his books.  Following her divorce, they marry and enjoy four years of bliss until her death from cancer… Continue reading Joy Davidman Lewis, Author

Love Them Into Being

For the past twenty-one years, my designated occupation on our tax forms and all official (and unofficial) documents has been "domestic diva."  Given the flashy title, my house should look a lot better than it does, but my fierce and steadfast focus within that job title has been to raise four young men to love… Continue reading Love Them Into Being

Seven Women. Seven Virtues.

The only thing better than a good biography is SEVEN good biographies, and that's what Eric Metaxas offers in 7 Women and the Secret of Their Greatness.  Through touching down at seven distinct historical and geographical points, my mind was coaxed beyond its tendency to "see everything in the dark glass of [my] own era, with… Continue reading Seven Women. Seven Virtues.

Brother Andrew: Still Opening Doors

As a child of the Cold War era, I learned a chilling fascination for anything to do with "The Iron Curtain."  When my high school music teacher started spending her summer vacations on short-term missions trips to Eastern Europe, I was certain that I, too, would be called to minister in lands closed to the… Continue reading Brother Andrew: Still Opening Doors

New Girl. New Song.

During their years of captivity, the people of Israel needed encouragement.  The prophet Zephaniah reminded them of God's presence in their midst, His power to save, and the fact that He rejoiced in His love for them, a joy that was expressed in song! "The Lord your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will… Continue reading New Girl. New Song.

An Ocean of Theology in a Thimble

There is a way of speaking and writing that travels well, that finds its way into the small spaces of full days and busy brains so that truth, like a clinging burdock seed, gets caught and carried along for the ride.  Tony Reinke has portrayed this aspect of John Newton's theology in  Newton on the… Continue reading An Ocean of Theology in a Thimble

Ben and George: The Friendship that Invented America

It's a delightful alchemy that takes geography and the events of historical context, and then blends in the like-mindedness and the variations of two distinct personalities.  Common enough, this is the science of friendship that is traced and recorded by Randy Petersen  in The Printer and the Preacher because, every once in a while, the melding of a friendship has historical impact,… Continue reading Ben and George: The Friendship that Invented America

“This Is Not THAT Kind of Biography”

I first met C.S.Lewis in the back seat of a  1970's era hatch back careening non-stop from Maine to Georgia.  Like the young man who owned the car,  I was on my way to college.  Unlike the driver, I was not interested in the young lady in the passenger's seat.  Since the driver's boxed set of Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia was piled… Continue reading “This Is Not THAT Kind of Biography”