The Challenge of Women’s Work and the Great Commission

The Great Commission is an invitation to serve and to lead.

The Lausanne Covenant declares that the whole church is called to take the whole gospel to the whole world, and certainly Jesus makes His own intentions clear with His Great Commission.  How then are all God's amazing daughters to respond to this invitation while also remaining sensitive to theological controversies about the role of women in… Continue reading The Challenge of Women’s Work and the Great Commission

Musings: October 2018

"Biblical religion is aggressively internationalist." Eugene Peterson

When jets fly overhead, stitching up the airspace between Boston's Logan and somewhere-in-Europe, by the time they reach the sky over Mid-coast Maine they are barely visible, nothing but contrails. My roots are deep here on this country hill, thirty thousand feet below, so I'm no globetrotter, but over the years, visitors from around the… Continue reading Musings: October 2018

Is There a “Right Way” to Do Church Ministry?

A Review of Mapping Church Missions by Sharon R. Hoover

Conversations about missionaries and missions strategy are commonplace in our home. We talk about the latest newsletter updates, who's "home," and who's "back on the field." We wonder about the members of our missionary family when we don't hear from them, and we puzzle over big picture concerns in an era in which more missionaries… Continue reading Is There a “Right Way” to Do Church Ministry?

The Missionary Experience: A Path of Faith in the Midst of Paradox

A Leopard Tamed, Eleanor Vandevort, Missionary Biography

Starting in the book of Acts, the history of missions is characterized by controversy. It may have begun when Paul and company set out with freshly-minted instructions from the Jerusalem Council, defining the parameters of the message they were sharing. It was certainly evident when the citizens of Lystra decided to fold Paul and Barnabas… Continue reading The Missionary Experience: A Path of Faith in the Midst of Paradox

Around the Table. Around the World

For all its challenges, moving into a fixer-upper six days before the birth of my oldest son was what set my face like a flint in this direction: We will not wait for perfection.  We will welcome the world into our home.  Hanging off the northeast corner of the U.S. mainland, we’re not on the… Continue reading Around the Table. Around the World

A Study in Perseverance

Determination perseveres in spite of the word "no." When Rosalie Ranquist realized that she was called to be a missionary, her rough background and lack of education led church leaders to discourage her from pursuing her goal.  Even so, in 1967 she left for Papua New Guinea and her career was remarkable in every way… Continue reading A Study in Perseverance

Intercede with Greater Focus and Understanding

Traveling to over forty different countries, meeting church leaders who are, at times, risking their lives in the course of doing ministry, and hearing their unique challenges and joys can be an exhausting prospect.  Fortunately, Brian Stiller has logged all the travel time, and he has shared his unique experiences and insights in An Insider's Guide to Praying… Continue reading Intercede with Greater Focus and Understanding

Vocational Equilibrium – A Tribute for Women’s History Month

“I should have worn sturdier shoes.” “What was I thinking?” Well, for one thing, I was thinking that an invitation to go for “a walk” issued by a seventy-five-year-old woman with a snowy crown of fly-away hair would be a rather sedate affair.  I was thinking that we would chat, and that Helen would tell… Continue reading Vocational Equilibrium – A Tribute for Women’s History Month

To the End of the Earth

Out loud and together. That's how my patient husband and I are reading through the Bible this year, and, believe it or not, we're just about on schedule!  Right now we are taking in the book of Acts in great gulps, two or three chapters at a time interspersed with the corresponding epistles.  That breathless pace… Continue reading To the End of the Earth

Brother Andrew: Still Opening Doors

As a child of the Cold War era, I learned a chilling fascination for anything to do with "The Iron Curtain."  When my high school music teacher started spending her summer vacations on short-term missions trips to Eastern Europe, I was certain that I, too, would be called to minister in lands closed to the… Continue reading Brother Andrew: Still Opening Doors