Musings: May 2019

"Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace"

May has been a month for gathering and for celebrating milestones. Our third son graduated from Eastern Maine Community College on a Friday afternoon, and then the family landed here on the hill that Sunday for Mother's Day. On Monday of that same weekend, the Ladies' Missionary Fellowship came for a turkey dinner and our… Continue reading Musings: May 2019

Avoid These 4 Obstacles to Seeing the Color of Life

May God help us to find a fresh way of seeing the world--with all its many colors.

In rural Maine, conversations around race seem remote, theoretical, and (frankly) like somebody else's business. Colorblindness is nigh unto snow-blindness here:  whiteness all around and a certain sightless condition that follows hard after it. Raising sons in the 90's with a narrative of color blindness involved earnest conversations on the way to Portland or Boston,… Continue reading Avoid These 4 Obstacles to Seeing the Color of Life