Avoid These 4 Obstacles to Seeing the Color of Life

May God help us to find a fresh way of seeing the world--with all its many colors.

In rural Maine, conversations around race seem remote, theoretical, and (frankly) like somebody else's business. Colorblindness is nigh unto snow-blindness here:  whiteness all around and a certain sightless condition that follows hard after it. Raising sons in the 90's with a narrative of color blindness involved earnest conversations on the way to Portland or Boston,… Continue reading Avoid These 4 Obstacles to Seeing the Color of Life

A Culture with No Excuse

Three of my four boys are volunteer fire fighters, so when they get together, the stories pile up, one upon another, and the youngest of the three will, inevitably, be reminded (repeatedly) of his lowly status.  He's a "probie," a probationary fire fighter -- new, full of enthusiasm, but not necessarily full of experience or… Continue reading A Culture with No Excuse