When Words Fail: Living and Lamenting through Dementia

Walking Through Twilight: A Wife's Illness--A Philosopher's Lament

It's a common experience:¬† the brain goes in search of a word that just will not materialize. Finally, eventually, the elusive word does come, even if it takes a thesaurus to prime the pump, and we rejoice because in conversation and in writing, finding and savoring the just-right-word to frame a thought is supremely satisfying.… Continue reading When Words Fail: Living and Lamenting through Dementia

Dementia, Dignity, and Honoring God

Modern medicine has made optimists out of us all. Cancer? Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy frequently combine to leave the patient cancer-free or living well with the disease as a chronic illness. Heart attack? Clot-busters, by-pass surgery, rehabilitation, and the patient returns to a normal life. Dementia? ¬†Well, that's a different story. ¬†Pharmaceutical options are disappointing,… Continue reading Dementia, Dignity, and Honoring God