Why Should You Be Outraged by Crimes Against Humanity?

Why Should You Be Outraged by Crimes Against Humanity?

Like almost everyone, I'm paying a little more attention to the news these days. The plight of Ukraine boggles my mind and reads like a replay from Mr. Sincerbeaux's 20th Century European History class in which he skillfully dramatized the nefarious schemes of Soviet Russia as it engulfed most of Eastern Europe. The earnest commentator… Continue reading Why Should You Be Outraged by Crimes Against Humanity?

The Amazing Hope of Transformation

While it's true that "by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that what is seen was made out of things which do not appear," it is also true that God is revealed most completely in the person of Jesus Christ.

Sunday Scripture Last night, a full moon lit up the sky here on the hill as a three-dimensional bank of stars drew my eye upward into cold darkness. When daylight comes, evidence for a lavishly generous Creator arrives in living color. Even on a bleak February day, the evergreens stand out against a field of… Continue reading The Amazing Hope of Transformation

Dementia, Dignity, and Honoring God

Modern medicine has made optimists out of us all. Cancer? Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy frequently combine to leave the patient cancer-free or living well with the disease as a chronic illness. Heart attack? Clot-busters, by-pass surgery, rehabilitation, and the patient returns to a normal life. Dementia? ¬†Well, that's a different story. ¬†Pharmaceutical options are disappointing,… Continue reading Dementia, Dignity, and Honoring God