Do You Feel As If Your Spring Forward Is Just Plain Sprung?

Do you feel as if your spring forward has just plain sprung?

Sunday Scripture Did you remember to spring forward today? Every year when we "spring forward" and go around the house setting all our clocks ahead one hour, I lament the disappearance of that hour of sleep or productivity. I know... we get the hour back in the fall, but, to tell the honest truth, some… Continue reading Do You Feel As If Your Spring Forward Is Just Plain Sprung?

The Freedom of Choosing an Unhurried Life

Accept your limitations. Accept Jesus's easy yoke. Learn the "unforced rhythms of grace."

It's true that our greatest strength can also become our greatest weakness. In this mothering life, it's a great mercy that I can fold laundry, listen to a podcast, and monitor dinner on the stove, all while pondering the introduction for my next book review. The real question is, "Can I stop the multi-tasking when… Continue reading The Freedom of Choosing an Unhurried Life